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At last year’s Food’s Future Summit, keynote speaker Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of plant-based food manufacturer JUST, announced an exciting partnership with Manav Gupta, CEO and founder of tech start-up accelerator Brinc in Hong Kong, providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to create meaningful, sustainable products that make eating well a basic right.

Brinc has invested over HK$600,000 so far to help aspiring founders (early-stage companies) who want to disrupt the current broken food system with their products – aiding with everything from product development and consumer testing through to marketing and distribution. JUST has provided its incredible pipeline of discoveries, made up of raw materials and R&D from the plant and animal kingdom that founders can use to create plant-based products and food-related technologies that appeal to Asian palates and needs.

With the recent announcement of four new investments in the company’s food-tech programme, Gupta says that Brinc’s efforts to create a sustainable food supply are “one step closer to the consumer: delicious, high-quality, affordable food options that don’t require animal ingredients and will transform the way we eat. We are excited to continue Brinc’s philosophy of changing the way we feel, move, live and eat while making a larger, lasting impact on the environment and ourselves.”

Brinc’s first four food-tech investments are:

• Fat Baby – a US-based company that produces environmentally friendly and allergen-free plant-based formulas for infants

• GROUNDED – a UK-based company that crafts cold-pressed juice quenchers made with all-natural ingredients, with plans to launch a range of plant-based protein shakes later this year

HakkoBako – developed in China, HakkoBako has created the first-ever fermentation chamber for home use, making fermenting food and drink quick and easy for consumers to do

True NOSH – a Canadian company founded by a dietician that creates sugar-free products using plant-based ingredients, from Asian cooking sauces, to beverages, to granola

To apply to Brinc’s food-tech accelerator programme, click here – and make a positive change for the future of food.

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