Taste of Hong Kong Presented by HSBC returns to grace Central Harbourfront from 21–24 March 2019 with deliciousness from a host of the city’s favourite restaurants, gathering together talented chefs, food producers and all the food lovers in the 852 for four days of exceptional eating in a breathtaking al-fresco setting.

This year, those at Taste are again making efforts to show the environment how much they care by expanding their sustainability efforts. Taste will once more be using Vegware, pushing the message to all restaurants and exhibitors to reduce waste with a no-plastic policy and encouraging waste reduction, with monetary penalties for excess waste. On-site water fountains with reusable rental glasses will also be available for rental (or simply bring your own).

Here are more of the plans you can look out for, support and join in on at Taste 2019:

John Anthony's sustainably sourced lobster rose champagne dumplings

John Anthony’s sustainably sourced lobster rose champagne dumplings

Causeway Bay’s new addition John Anthony is known for serving up innovative Chinese dishes with a twist as well as for the considerable sustainability initiatives within the restaurant, which was built with eco-conscious principles in mind. Of transporting that ethos to Taste’s 2019 festival, Chef Saito Chau says, “We are going to be serving dishes that feature ingredients that have been sourced from sustainable suppliers (both locally and overseas) and of course only serving in biodegradable or recyclable plateware and cutlery, as we do at all our events.”

Sustainability at Taste of Hong Kong 2019

La Cabane is returning to the festival to up the fun factor with its wonderful array of natural wines and has pledged to again use glassware in place of paper cups, limiting waste as much as possible.

La Cabane Digital Marketing & Business Developer Martin Saène says, “As previous years, we are aiming for a maximum of sustainable processes to organise the festival. We pick our wines from small artisan growers, only from organically or biodynamically grown vineyards, with minimal intervention in the winery. We care about our wines, so we guarantee a controlled temperature from the vineyard to Hong Kong in the most sustainable way possible, bringing them by boat from around the world.

As for the festival, we are using the same sustainable processes that we’ve been using for six years now: we are using glassware, upcycled decor and recycled boxes to bring the wines. We limit the waste to the very minimum and keep the corks, glass bottles, cardboard boxes and plastic to get them recycled after the event.”

Sustainability at Taste of Hong Kong 2019

Sustainability at Taste of Hong Kong 2019

Our tent at Taste 2018 – you’re gonna wanna see what we have planned for this year!

Foodie will yet again be hosting the masses at Taste, and we are thrilled to be partnering with one of the kindest and most creative chefs in the business, Tom Burney of sustainable catering business Invisible Kitchen. Tom is well known for his disruptive dining techniques and has been experimenting with one of the latest sources of alternative protein: crickets! Crickets contain more protein than beef and pack in more vitamin B12 than kale, which means our wall of cricket-based doughnuts, made with Asian flavours including pandan and mango, not only willl taste as good as they look, but they will also doing their part for the planet and your health.

Together, we’ve devised one of the coolest and most delicious ways to showcase a glimpse of what the future of food will look like. This eye-popping doughnut wall featuring Invisible Kitchen’s beautiful, colourful rounds made with cricket flour will give adventurous foodies a free taste of what’s yet to come in the world of food. But you’ll have to earn a taste – not just by having a courageous palate, but also by trying your hand at one of our Foodie games. There’s no free cricket lunch without a bit of fun, food-filled effort.

We’ve also partnered with the cool cats at PAPERTOWN, who are making an impact with their insanely amazing eco-conscious cardboard furniture. Come and put your feet up after all your eating endeavours and try your luck at our games and you could win one of our great prizes. Or just come by to hang out and have a chat with us about our favourite subject: food!

Sustainability at Taste of Hong Kong 2019

Photo credit: Shelby L Bell

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