Fry it, grill it, eat it straight from its wrapper – any way you choose to enjoy the unique texture and taste of halloumi cheese, people have been doing the same for centuries.

Halloumi dates back to the medieval Byzantine Empire, when Cypriot farmers relied on the cheese as a major source of protein and the technique was honed to perfection. This semi-soft white cheese is traditionally made from a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk, has a salty flavour and owns a higher-than-average melting point, making it one of the few cheeses that you can fry and grill.


And that’s exactly what makes halloumi so versatile in cooking, from its use as a pizza topping and side dish to a main vegetarian protein option and salad enhancer. It’s also growing in popularity around the world as more and more people globally discover its multifaceted uses and divine flavour.

Levant Foods Hong Kong

Levant Foods recently hosted an event sponsored by the EU and Republic of Cyprus to highlight the beauty of this multipurpose cheese. Oolaa was the setting for this fun and informative gathering where halloumi was the star of the show. Guests dined on halloumi-topped crudités, halloumi fries, halloumi-filled Scotch eggs and risotto balls, quinoa and halloumi sushi and rice paper rolls filled with halloumi to show exactly the variety of dishes that can be enjoyed with this adaptable cheese.

Halloumi snacks

Halloumi snacks

In Hong Kong, Halloumi can be found at most premium supermarkets like Market Place by Jasons, Fusion by PARKnSHOP and city’super and at many casual dining establishments, as well as at Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants around town.

Levant Foods is the biggest Cypriot halloumi importer in Hong Kong and represents premium brands like Christis and Polycarpou. Managing Director of Levant Foods Stelios Iakovidis says, “Hong Kong foodies have enthusiastically embraced halloumi for its great taste and unique texture. More and more chefs want to talk to us to see how they can incorporate it in their menus, and the event was really about giving some ideas.”

Email Levant Foods at or phone 6879 4646 with any enquiries;

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