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Pioneering global premium mixer brand Fever-Tree is using its namesake for a great cause this April.

Fun fact: the quinine in Fever-Tree tonic stems from the cinchona tree, or “fever tree” as it is colloquially known, and has significant anti-malarial qualities that have been utilised for centuries to ward off this devastating disease. Tonic water’s origins began with soldiers in the 1820s, who, in an effort to make quinine more palatable, added in sugar and water, creating the first Indian tonic water, to which they then added their daily ration of gin, hence creating the archetypal gin and tonic.

Fever-Tree owes its roots to the medicinal qualities of its ingredients and is thus reigniting its award-wining campaign Raise Your Glass, Erase Malaria in support of the global campaign #MalariaMustDie so that together this generation can forge on to end malaria at last.

Fever-Tree Tonic Water

A selection of Fever-Tree tonics with which to Raise Your Glass

How you can help

It’s easy – have a drink! All you have to do is raise a glass, snap a pic and share it. From 22 April–31 May 2019, Fever-Tree is calling on people across the world to join in raising a glass to malaria’s demise and sharing the moments on social media. For every glass raised on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, tagging @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie, Fever-Tree will donate £5 to the charity Malaria No More.

The initiative is part of the global campaign Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can Live convened by Malaria No More UK on behalf of the global malaria community and is taking place in the run-up to and beyond World Malaria Day on 25 April. Fever-Tree is committed to spreading the message and raising crucial awareness and funds to help to fight – and ultimately end – the world’s oldest and deadliest disease.

Raise Your Glass, Erase MalariaWhere and what you can drink in Hong Kong

Where you can drink in Hong Kong

Participating outlets in Hong Kong will be whipping up their best gin and tonic highballs and cocktails to support this initiative. Pop into places that are gin-centric like Dr Fern’s Gin Parlour and Origin, as well as Dragonfly, Behind Bars, Back Bar and Quinary. Restaurants also raising their glasses are Wooloomooloo Prime, Fang Fang, Aqua, Duddell’s, Old Bailey, 208 Duecento Otto, Commissary, VEDA, Mrs Pound, Foxglove, Frank’s Library and Eat Darling Eat, along with these hotels: Kerry Hotel (Red Sugar), Ocean Park Marriott Hotel (Pier Lounge & Bar), The Mira (Vibes), InterContinental Hong Kong (The Lobby Lounge) and Ovolo Southside (Komune).

Wherever you are, whatever you are drinking during the month, make sure to raise a glass and share it on social media – each time you’ll be making a significant contribution to the fight against malaria.

Raise Your Glass, Erase Malaria

Raise a glass, snap a pic and share it @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie

Fever-Tree’s partnership with Malaria No More

In 2018, Fever-Tree put more resources into the fight against malaria than ever before. The company worked together with Malaria No More UK to help to convene a malaria summit in London, where institutions came together to make financial, political and scientific commitments to kick-start progress against malaria totalling over US$4 billion. Following the summit, 53 Commonwealth nations made a commitment to halve malaria in the Commonwealth over the next five years.

Building on a relationship that began in 2013, earlier this year Fever-Tree committed £1 million over the next three years through a number of different initiatives aimed at raising awareness and support for Malaria No More, including the Raise Your Glass, Erase Malaria campaign. In 2018, 14,978 people raised their glasses, and the campaign reached 40 million people across 84 countries. They want to double these efforts this year. Fever-Tree founder and CEO Tim Warrillow is passionate about the cause, saying, “Many of the communities where we source our ingredients experience the devastating effects of malaria, and I have seen first-hand the amazing work that Malaria No More do. I am hopeful one day we will be able to raise a glass to the global eradication of this disease.”

Fever-Tree Founder and CEO Tim Warrillow supporting the Malaria No More cause

Fever-Tree Founder and CEO Tim Warrillow supporting the Malaria No More cause

For further information about Fever-Tree’s partnership with Malaria No More, click here and learn more about the fight to end malaria.

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