There was a real change in the air with the Foodie Forks votes this year. What was it? Well, the votes poured in as usual across the categories, but where we noticed something unusual was in the sheer volume of different spots on the voting sheet for Best Green Eats.

In previous years, it really has been a showdown between the top four or five places that have been producing beautiful vegetarian meals since they began, but this year there were so many vying for the title! It’s warming to the heart to see the greener options starting to balance out with the other categories. The city is tilting towards a flexitarian future of eating less meat and thus a greater appreciation for plant-based eateries.

We have all the excitement ahead in the coming pages of the restaurants, bars and chefs slugging it out in hot competition amongst the vast number of choices in Hong Kong. Read on to see if you’re enthusiastically nodding your head , concurring respectfully or shaking your fist that your fave didn’t top out this year. We suggest marking your protest by going to said fave for dinner; if they didn’t win in votes, they’ll win with your patronage! Read more about our winners here.

Cindy Lam of Olive Oly Kitchen shares her recipe for mini spring vegetable quiches, and we have decadent dinner recipes from Chef Daniel Dungca of Bungalow and two recipes from home-cook extraordinaire Laura Williams of My Little Hong Kong Kitchen.

New to this issue is our Green Kitchen Experiments, where Chef Tom Burney of Invisible Kitchen (a Foodie Forks 2019 winner!) investigates new methods for cooking in greener ways. Ask Tom your own kitchen queries and he’ll experiment to find the answers.

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