Brunching is one of our favourite activities on weekends (and sometimes weekdays too if we get the chance). But night owls like us all know the struggle of waking up early to make it to brunch on time. Hence the appeal of night brunch – problem solved!

Last week, we entertained our Foodie Clubbers with a night brunch at NINETYs’ newly opened SoHo outlet, where we had a five-course wine-pairing menu, sampling the restaurant’s signature dishes laid out on a Scandinavian-inspired brunch board with the brand’s own twist (a concept that’s unique to this branch).

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong

NINETYs opened its first location in Wanchai a few years ago, quickly gaining fame as one of the most popular cafés in the neighbourhood. The brand recently opened its second outlet in the city’s SoHo area, serving up Aussie-inspired cuisine along with its speciality coffee selection.

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong

The night brunch experience

The evening kicked off with a choice of two signature welcome mocktails, before the real feasting began. Guests enjoyed a total of 10 dishes, split into five courses, all paired carefully with wine.

To start was a refreshing appetiser pairing – crabmeat drizzled with fresh lime and smoked salmon with capers and sour cream – followed by umami-rich Canadian sea urchin with pickled ginger and NINETYS’ homemade orange jam granola yoghurt.

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong

The seafood courses continued with mouth-watering salty egg yolk hollandaise lobster along with a palate-cleansing honey kiwi granola yoghurt. The fourth course featured a juicy M6 Wagyu beef burger and the café’s famous honey-glazed Spanish Ibérico char siu.

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong
The night brunch was wrapped up with two beautifully constructed desserts: cheesecake toast and mandarin sorbet. Don’t be fooled by the name – the cheesecake toast was actually extremely fluffy and light, perfect after all the seafood and meat.

NINETYs SoHo Night Brunch Hong Kong

The quiz

We also threw in a little NINETYs’-themed quiz in between the brunch courses to keep everyone on their toes. Guests were also given an extra glass of wine if they got an answer right (what’s a quiz without fun prizes?).

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A BIG thank you to all our Foodie Clubbers who attended this night brunch! This amazing event would not have been possible without every single one of you.

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