If you’re ever craving delicious shabu-shabu, we have a lovely little recommendation for you.

KATTE Shabushabu at Vienna Mansion in Causeway Bay will most definitely give you a satisfying experience. We recommend coming to this restaurant in a small group as the majority of the seating is at the bar, with only a few tables at the side. Eating at the bar means you’ll receive extremely fast and efficient service.

The restaurant has a very classic look, with mostly black furniture and even black walls, which are used for writing the food menu, drinks and daily specials.

KATTE Shabushabu Hong Kong

We ordered the Wagyu sirloin rib-eye set ($610), which is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, Inaniwa udon and dessert. We choose the red snapper broth. Each person gets his or her own cooking pot, so there are no fights over which broth you pick, and you can be sure that each person is getting a fair share of food.

An Orion Beer to accompany your meal is the perfect refreshment.

KATTE Shabushabu Hong Kong

When eating shabu-shabu, we recommend starting with the vegetables since they take the longest to cook. Leave the mushrooms until just before you pop in the sirloin. The udon took about six minutes to cook, and once cooked and infused with the broth, these noodles were delicious and flavourful.

Also, portion out your food in batches so that you can eat, then have a little break while cooking your next batch.

There are two different dipping sauces to top it all off: ponzu and satay. Our favourite was the satay sauce as it paired perfectly with every one of the vegetables as well as the sirloin.

KATTE Shabushabu Hong Kong

Wagyu sirloin rib-eye and assorted vegetables


Head to KATTE Shabushabu if you’re looking for very good-quality, delicious food that’s fun to cook and eat. It’s a bit, shall we say, cosy, as most of the dining space is at the bar, but we think that’s part of its charm. The food is extremely tasty, and we loved each having our own cooking pot. We’ll be returning soon for another go at that sirloin with satay sauce!

G/F, Vienna Mansion, 55 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, 2577 2628

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