An avid fan of dim sum, I was more than excited to go to One Dim Sum after hearing that it is a Michelin-recommended restaurant (and mostly just because I love dim sum).

The restaurant is very well lit, and there is beautiful wall art that showcases various locations and foods of Hong Kong.

The menu has photos of the items in many different languages (this way, almost anyone can easily order!). We decided pretty quickly as the menu is quite straightforward, and you simply have to write what dishes you want on a small notepad. Once we ordered, the food appeared very quickly, and before we knew it, we were stuffing our faces with some truly great dim sum.

The first dish to arrive was the fried dough rice noodle roll ($23), and it was more than delicious. Growing up, this has always been one of my comfort foods, and One Dim Sum does an amazing job at keeping this one simple yet tasty.

After that were the prawn dumplings ($30), which, yet again, were scrumptious. They were slightly larger than other prawn dumplings I’ve had in the past, but I’m not complaining!

Next came some steamed Chinese vegetables ($20), which I always force myself to order or else I will have absolutely nothing green incorporated into my meal. They were good, but the sauce did have less flavour than I had anticipated.

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Fried dough cheung fun (rice noodle roll)

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Har gow (prawn dumplings)

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Steamed Chinese vegetables

The pork and shrimp dumplings ($29) had a lot more shrimp than I had expected (but were nevertheless very good).

Pan-fried turnip cake ($19) is another childhood comfort food of mine. This version had a slightly fishier taste than usual, but I liked how this made it stand apart.

Next up were steamed BBQ pork buns ($18) – these were tasty classics.

Our final savoury item was the shrimp rice noodle roll ($24) – another hit.

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Shumai (pork and shrimp dumplings)

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Pan-fried turnip cake

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Steamed char siu bao (BBQ pork buns)

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Shrimp cheung fun (rice noodle roll)

One Dim Sum Hong Kong

Mango custard roll

For dessert, we ordered the mango custard roll ($29), and as expected, it was delicious. The mango in the middle was extremely fresh and flavourful, and the custard surrounding it managed to stay very light and was a perfectly complement to the sweet, fruity taste.


If you’re looking for some VERY good dim sum, One Dim Sum should definitely be next on your hit list. Get ready to eat fast and get full very quickly! It’s a no-frills local restaurant that’s simple to navigate as the location is easy to find (right by Prince Edward MTR Exit A) and the menu is clear and straightforward. Additionally, the staff are extremely efficient and friendly. The next time I’m craving dim sum, I know exactly where to go to hit the spot!

209A–209B Tung Choi Street, Prince Edward, 2677 7888

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