Year on year, we at Foodie get a little bit wiser about just how to eat more mindfully, ethically and sustainably. Yet it’s important that we emphasise that we are still able to dine very, very well. We are celebrating exactly that this year with a mixture of traditional Christmas fare and more unconventional seasonal eating ideas.

We’ve got our favourite green-minded chef, Tom Burney, giving us tips and tricks for eating greener festive feasts and reducing Christmas dinner waste, as well as our regular Christmas round-up of all the specials, events and gifting ideas (hello, whisky advent calendar!) that’ll give you and your loved ones a big dose of Christmas cheer.

Tiffany New York Bar’s whisky advent calendarTiffany New York Bar’s whisky advent calendar

We also head for the hills of Italy to discover every delicious food that hails from that beautiful boot-shaped country.

Gregorio Rotolo and Scannese cheeseArtisanal producer Gregorio Rotolo and his Scannese cheese

There are recipe ideas for the holidays – both conventional and un – to get your taste buds driving you into the kitchen to start generating the smells of home cooking, which is what really gets the holiday spirit flowing through our bones.
Eat well and be merry!

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