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Hong Kong accelerator Brinc has been passionate about empowering game changers in the agrifood-tech industry since its inception in 2018. Its biannual food-technology accelerator programme has just released its autumn cohort, and the start-ups are solving some of the world’s biggest food-sustainability problems.

Meet the new start-ups changing the agrifood-tech world:

Avant Meats (Hong Kong)

Avant Meats

China’s first and leading cellular technology start-up was established in Hong Kong in 2018. The company’s technology, commercial product innovation and intellectual property portfolio are used to develop safe, high- quality, tasty and sustainable fish products with an inspirational motto: gratify without sacrifice.

Cell Farm (Argentina)

Cell Farm

Cell Farm is the first cultured-meat start-up from South America. They are developing a bovine stem cell bank to provide high-quality, efficient and pre-approved starter material for the cultured-meat industry.

GALY (Brazil)


GALY is creating biomaterials in the lab, starting with cotton. They have developed a proprietary way to grow cotton in a laboratory, using cells instead of plants, that is 10 times faster, higher quality and cheaper than Egyptian cotton. It can be grown anywhere and requires 78% less water, 81% less land and 80% fewer gas emissions. They are currently selling cotton yarn to clothing brands and the textiles industry.

Naka Foods (India)

Naka Foods

This cool company develops microalgae-based foods that deliver a powerful nutritional impact. Their first product, the 4pm Bar (which is already on the market), is an on-the-go cereal bar enriched with microalgae and probiotics. Their second product is plant-based chicken, currently under development.

On2Cook (India)


This is the world’s fastest cooking device, with patents granted in the US and UK. On2Cook can save up to 70% on cooking time and up to 40% on energy. Through a revolutionary and innovative cooking process that combines induction/flames and safe microwaves, the food retains its colour, texture and water-soluble nutrients yet cooks in a fraction of the time of ordinary cooking devices.

Seagrass Tech (India)

Seagrass Tech

This innovative ingredient producer uses the latest cultivation and harvesting technologies to scalably produce the microalgae Dunaliella salina (DS). DS aims to disrupt synthetic colourants in the F&B, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, while delivering 200 times the amount of beta carotene as carrots.

With Brinc’s strategic financial, legal and marketing support, we expect to see great things from these unique start-ups in the near future!

To apply to Brinc’s food-tech accelerator programme, click here – and make a positive change for the future of food

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