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Heading out to our favourite restaurant always puts a little skip in our step, but now we’re being gratified with more than just the wonderful food in our happy bellies. Just launched dining rewards programme Whoot! now adds an extra-wide smile to our faces with freebies (and who doesn’t love free stuff?).

Whoot! minibus

Founded by two brothers, Shawn and Howard, Whoot! is a fun twist on a rewarded dining platform, with an incredible array of partner restaurants and over 400 offers just waiting to be redeemed all over Hong Kong. They’ve made it all easy within the Whoot! app, which is free to download and use.

The fun twist? Whoot! Tokens, the in-app currency, which diners can simply earn and trade in for free food and drinks at any partner restaurant.

We’re talking a cup of coffee on the house, a side of fries or a dessert to end the meal taken right off your bill. Earning tokens is a snap – you can get them just by logging in daily, dining, submitting reviews of your favourite restaurants and even when you first download the app!

“Eating out is a favourite pastime, with most people dining out several times a week. It made sense to upgrade the experience for everyone. Whoot! members are rewarded for dining and can make savings too. Plus, the more tokens they earn and redeem, the greater the reward, whilst businesses can benefit from increased customers and loyalty as a result.

It’s win-win for everyone.”

– Whoot! co-founder Shawn

You’ll also discover great new restaurants and hidden gems with Whoot! all over the city. Partners on the app include Little Vegas, Babbo Trattoria, Sweet Dreamer Dessert, Happy Lamb Pot and Presotea.

Whoot! roadshow crew

It’s not just the freebies that make Whoot! so engaging; the beauty of the app lies with the relationships.

Take Shiotama, a cosy Japanese restaurant in Causeway Bay that has been with Whoot! since the app’s inception. When a customer walks into Shiotama, they are treated like a friend. It’s an instant connection that the diner makes with the restaurant, and what’s more fun than being so warmly greeted at an eatery you’ve never visited before?

And take hEat in Wanchai, a fine-dining restaurant that has hooked Whoot! diners on their extensive list of tapas, oysters and Japanese cod, all available on the reward programme. The reason diners keep returning? Crazy-delicious food and the Whoot! system of “the more you dine, the greater the reward”.

Another great case is the super-sweet Healing, go yard, an independent café nestled in an industrial building in Cheung Sha Wan. This little pot-of-gold coffee shop is exactly like what you might find at the end of the rainbow. Whoot! helps diners to discover this gem that’s not only aesthetically a hipster haven but that also has the most Instagrammable crêpe cakes to go with that cup of coffee – and a chic little clothes shop inside too!

If you didn’t know about it already, it’s time to join Whoot! and find all the other secret spots people are keeping to themselves.

Why do the restaurants love it so much? They gain new customers at low cost, with high exposure that leads to large increases in sales. The app allows diners to quickly locate and search for restaurants in their area or based on cuisine and price range. Plus, the loyalty aspect keeps those same customers returning over and over again. It cuts out the need for email lists and physical stamp cards and gives eateries a platform to showcase their signature dishes to their valued clientele.

The examples above are just a taste of how well, and how easily, this partnership works – customers are happy to be received so warmly and restaurants are ecstatic to be welcoming in new diners and repeat business thanks to the custom reward aspect.

Whoot! roadshow

Free to download, the Whoot! app is available from App Store and Google Play.

You’ll nab your first token right after registration and then can work your way up through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond token status, increasing your rewards as you climb the food-filled ladder. It’s also an excellent way to narrow down the options for where to dine in this ever-increasingly restaurant-filled city, with hotspots easily searchable by location and cuisine.

Free tiramisu just down the street? Yes, please, my taste buds are taking me there now!

For more information on Whoot!, click here

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