Alternative meats are becoming more the norm in the marketplace as people’s minds have been opened to the environmental crisis the planet is facing. Pushing the limits into a whole new sphere of how flavourful plant-based meat can be comes Phuture Foods with plant-based minced pork that’s healthy, nutritious and apparently incredibly delicious.

Jack Yap (l) and Jin Yin Lim (r)Phuture Foods founders Jack Yap (l) and Jin Yin Lim (r)

Founded in 2018, Phuture Limited aims to create a variety of plant-based meat for the Asian market. Phuture is the brainchild of Jack Yap and Jin Yin Lim, both vegetarians for over eight years and passionate about the environment.

Jack is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned professional in the F&B industry as well as an avid chef, founding seven restaurants over the past six years.

Jin Yin has built his career overseeing the development of innovative and sustainable system designs for buildings and has a particular interest in sustainable living.

Together, they are launching this inspiring, innovative and tasty product line, starting with plant-based minced pork. Made primarily of non-GMO soy, chickpea and pea proteins, they use minimal ingredients and say they need minimal processing to create Phuture Minced Pork, which looks, smells, tastes and feels like real meat.

Phuture Foods joined the Brinc family in Hong Kong earlier in the year through Brinc’s food-technology accelerator. Promoting food sustainability and security, environmental awareness and cruelty-free and healthy living , the first plant-based alternative pork by Phuture Foods will be launched in early 2020.

Phuture Foods

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