Full honesty – I went to BEDU once and didn’t go back. While I enjoyed the food, my lasting impression was that it was all really healthy, and I like my Middle Eastern food richer. So I might not have been the obvious choice to try out the eatery’s new Green Monday offerings, but I’m trying to eat healthier and thought I’d give it a go.

BEDU Hong Kong

Full honesty again – I’m really glad I did.

My friend and I opted to sit at the chef’s counter, which I highly recommend for the fun of watching the two chefs skilfully whipping up dishes for a packed house. Yes, even on a Monday night, BEDU was packed with both small and large groups.

So what is Green Monday at BEDU? Executive Chef Corey Riches was inspired by Green Queen after hosting a dinner in her plant-based dinner series and wanted to help others to embrace a plant-based lifestyle should they wish. On Monday nights, guests will find a rotating list of vegan specials.

On the night we visited, the specials were charred cabbage with sesame crumb and herb and garlic broth ($115), stuffed zucchini with chilli almond on a bed of cranberry herb hummus ($125) and a dessert of blackened banana, blood orange sorbet and almond ($95).

BEDU Hong Kong

The cabbage was quite a unique dish with a nice flavour and crunch, though the broth didn’t really work for me as I felt it just slipped off the leaves without adding much.

BEDU Hong Kong

My friend and I both loved the stuffed zucchini. It was moist and tender, with lots of charred flavour packed into the courgette alone. It was also very filling.

BEDU Hong Kong

For dessert, the blood orange sorbet was near perfect, more light and floral than rich and tangy (my preference). I found the banana to be on the dry side, but I can see the appeal of this dessert for those who want a sweet yet healthy treat at the end of their meal.

BEDU Hong Kong

In addition to the Green Monday specials, we tried a few dishes from the regular menu, and this is where BEDU stole my heart. Oh, this baked feta with smoked lemon and thyme honey ($115) was so good: salty, sticky and sweet. It was almost like a pudding, and it kept coming out of the kitchen, so clearly we’re not the only ones who love it!

BEDU Hong Kong

The garlic prawns with sumac and coriander ($190/5) were plump and covered in a fragrant oil. Fab.

BEDU Hong Kong

We also tried the chicken skewers ($140/2). The chicken had a nice, clean flavour, and the black garlic sauce was good. But the chicken and sauce eaten together with the pickled chilli? Ace!

BEDU Hong Kong

While we already had eaten the Green Monday dessert, we were also offered a second and chose the drunken berry millefeuille ($75), which also happens to be vegan. We loved this. The watermelon granita was refreshing and didn’t make the crisp, tasty pastry at all soggy.


I’m not sure I achieved my goal of eating healthier, but Green Monday at BEDU was worth it. Eating more veggies is definitely on my to-do list, so I’d happily return for Green Monday (note that in addition to the à-la-carte menu, a vegan chef’s menu is available on Mondays for $370). I highly recommend BEDU whether you’re looking for a healthier meal (there are loads of veggie options and mains on the regular menu too) or a richer one. It’s just very tasty, high-quality food at good prices.

40 Gough Street, Central, 2320 4450, book online

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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