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Prepping GAFELL frozen meals

Frozen food often gets a bad rap, but local Hong Kong company GAFELL is making it easier to enjoy delicious home-cooked-style dishes made with great ingredients. They cook all the meals fresh at their kitchen in Kwai Chung and deliver them to homes and offices across the city. Each meal is made with real ingredients and is cooked in small batches, similar to the way we cook at home.

GAFELL has been making home-cooked-style food from their kitchen in Hong Kong since 2017. Their vision is to create great frozen meals for informed eaters using the best ingredients.

“We want to make something different by creating great recipes and cooking the food like you would at home. Our goal is to offer convenient and delicious frozen food, prep ready in just a few minutes,” says Tommy Leung, the founder of GAFELL.

GAFELL plant-based frozen meal

The benefits of frozen foods are numerous, including limiting the amount of food waste, both in the kitchen and at home. GAFELL offers a range of meals, including a large selection of plant-based meals.

“We are helping our customers win back some time during busy days with foods that are easy to heat and eat,” says Kenny Tsui, a chef at GAFELL. “We’re very excited to expand on our delivery services with cooked sauces and stews as well. We have found that many Hong Kong customers are often used to eating out but miss the feeling of ease and comfort of enjoying a great meal at home.”

GAFELL is dedicated to the sustainable health of both people and the planet.

Visit Gafell to order now – and fill up your freezer with fresh, homemade meals!

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