Launched in Singapore in 2013, Sustenir Agriculture has a simple and clear vision: to create a better tomorrow. With our annual Food’s Future Summit, we share a similar vision and, much like Sustenir, recognise the great importance food plays in achieving this vision.

What Sustenir set out to do was no easy task; their aim was to “grow impossible food in impossible places”. And the first indoor farm to be awarded an ISO 22000 certification – a global benchmark for food safety management systems – was born in Singapore. Today, they’ve built a 25,000-square-foot hydroponics farm in Tuen Mun and are ready for their groundbreaking kale to enter the Hong Kong culinary landscape.

In order to introduce Hong Kong chefs to this incredible product, we organised an exclusive tasting of Sunstenir’s sustainable, locally grown and 100%-clean kale. To showcase the versatility of this tasty veg, we needed a little help from one of Hong Kong’s most beloved sustainable vegetarian chefs: Peggy Chan. Chef Chan designed a unique three-course menu (including a kale dessert!) and hosted the chefs at Nectar.

Sustenir Agriculture Hong Kong

Before sitting down for the tasting, the chefs were given an exciting virtual tour of Sustenir’s Tuen Mun farm. This hyper-realistic VR experience allowed the chefs to fully immerse themselves in the farming process. The short video showcased the production of both Sustenir’s kale and their strawberries.

Green juice

A welcome beverage gave guests their first taste of Sustenir’s kale in the form of a light and refreshing green juice.

Kale chips

The table settings showcased the raw kale and allowed chefs to taste it in its raw form as well as experience the look and feel of the leaves. Chef Chan prepared some crispy and perfectly seasoned kale chips as an appetiser.


Sustenir’s friendly team was on hand to guide the chefs through their tasting and answer any questions they might have had regarding kale.

Kale croquette with cashew tzatziki and pickled kohlrabi

The first course was a lovely kale croquette with cashew tzatziki and pickled kohlrabi. To make this, Chef Chan blended kale with potato to create a comfort-food dish that boasts many health benefits.

Teff gnocchi with creamed kale pesto

The second course was teff gnocchi with creamed kale pesto. Teff is a fine grain with a host of health benefits and nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and more – a perfect pairing for the nutrient-dense kale, which carries many of the same vitamins.

Sustenir Agriculture Hong Kong

Throughout the tasting, Sustenir’s team provided chefs with an overview of their company goals and objectives and gave insight into their production and farming practices. Guests were able to gain a in-depth understanding of what exactly makes Sustenir a unique and inspiring organisation, from their sustainability goals to their high- quality products.

Frangipane with raw candied kale and orange sorbet

Kale for dessert? If anyone can make a kale dessert look and taste great, it’s Chef Peggy Chan! The final dish on this one-of-a-kind menu was frangipane with raw candied kale and orange sorbet. This course certainly proved that kale is far more than just a salad leaf; rather, it is a diverse and complex ingredient that can be used in a multitude of dishes.

Sustenir Agriculture Hong Kong

Overall, the chefs and the Sustenir and Foodie teams thoroughly enjoyed a social, informative and delicious afternoon. As a platform for all things F&B related, we love nothing more than connecting businesses and individuals who share a passion for food and a sustainable food’s future.

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