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Celebrities are taking to their own devices to continue to bring their exhibitionism to the world during this crazy COVID-19 global lockdown.

If you want to see your favourite stars cooking up a storm and get some inspiration for your own dinner, we’ve got you covered with a few of the celebs we’ve discovered below:


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has whipped up a few of her vegan recipes on Instagram, and we can report that they are delicious and easy to follow. Her roasted cauliflower is especially scrumptious.


Florence Pugh

The Little Women star has started filming herself at the hob in order to keep sane in these strange times. She’s easy to watch and cooks up ugly fruit and veg like a boss.


gwyneth paltrow

GP has taken to Insta to support a non-profit in the USA that cooks and home-delivers medically tailored meals to individuals living with serious illness, which is under serious pressure during the COVID-19 crisis. Her vegetarian paella will have your taste buds feeling like Shakespeare in love.


 @massimobottura’s Kitchen Quarantine series

Like the rest of Italy, Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana in Modena has been on lockdown with his family. So he’s now filming a live IG cooking show called Kitchen Quarantine featuring what he cooks for his wife and kids at home, from Thai curry to burgers. The shows are broadcast nightly at 8pm CET, which means it’s 2am in Hong Kong, but some of us are midnight snackers, so that works for us.


@bootstrapcook on Twitter

British food writer, journalist and activist Jack Monroe’s Twitter page encourages us to create meals with whatever random stuff we might have in the kitchen.

Quarantine Quitchen with the Browns

#QuarantineQuitchen by Alton Brown

Celebrity chef Alton Brown cooks with his wife in this charming YouTube collection of videos. Cookbook writer and food show presenter extraordinaire, you know his recipes are going to deliver some good eats.

If you’ve got no time for celebs, how about some sourdough instead?

If you haven’t birthed your sourdough starter yet, what are you waiting for? “Cooking”, “sourdough” and “bread” have been of particular interest to people in the past month or so, according to Google Trends.

Google Trends for bread, December 2019–March 2020

Google Trends for bread, December 2019–March 2020

What’s not to like? Bake your own bread and save yourself a trip to the scary shops.

Remember: you have to name your starter – it’s tradition. Ours is Sade, and she’s pretty good company, although yet to prove herself in the oven (we totally meant to write that).

Pandemic sourdough

Pandemic sourdough

If she’s still going in 10 years, Sade will be a sombre reminder of how we occupied ourselves whilst the battle raged in hospitals all over the world…

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