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Paboco (Paper Bottle Company) has landed the two big giants of Coca-Cola and Carlsberg in its mission to convert the world’s drinks into fully biodegradable vessels, with L’Oréal and Absolut also signing on for the switch. Paboco paper bottles are made from a plant-based polymer that is fully recyclable and degrades naturally within a year, in contrast to the plastic alternatives that degrade, well, never.

According to the Environmental Protection Department, the average Hong Konger throws away about 1.39kg of household waste per day, and 22% of what’s being sent to landfills is plastic. Due to the dropping prices for recyclables, we’ve seen a sharp decline in the recycling rate of plastic in recent years. It’s estimated that only 14% of plastic is recycled in Hong Kong, and on average, 2,000 tonnes of plastic are thrown away every day. It’s exciting to see innovation as a solution to this incredible problem we’ve created.

With China’s plans to ban single-use plastics by the end of this year (and other countries following suit), the strength of the plastic straw movement and even five-star hotels and luxury resorts turning green, Paboco’s bottles look like an initiative we can all looking forward to drinking to.

Paboco paper bottle

Photo credit: Paboco

The paper bottles are not yet ready for consumer use, but they are planned to be on our shelves by 2023. With such enormous brands behind the move, this marks an important shift towards better global environmental habits and sustainability within business, for an overall positive impact on the health of our planet.

For more information on Paboco and how they make these impressive paper bottles, click here

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