It’s a tough world out there. If you’re someone who cares about your health, climate change and supporting your local economy and are concerned about where your food comes from – especially in pandemic times – food buying can be quite a challenge. You often need hours of research and time to zigzag across the city just to find foods that meet all these criteria.

But what if there was a ridiculously easy way to do this?

Cue Sustenir Agriculture.

Locally farmed, nutritious superfoods

Sustenir Agriculture’s farm in Tuen Mun serves fresh produce to Hong Kong daily, with the produce being delivered in mere hours compared to importing from overseas.

It’s a myth that indoor-farmed vegetables are less nutritious than their outdoor counterparts. Sustenir’s controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) methods produce more consistently nutritious products, every time. In fact, 100 grams of Sustenir’s kale has more vitamin C than a small orange and contains all the magnesium and vitamin A you need each day.


If we keep farming the way it’s being done right now, we’re going to need farming land the size of Brazil (we could fit about 7,700 Hong Kongs in there!) by 2050 in order to feed the growing population. This means more deforestation and more pesticide run-off into rivers, killing fish – not great at all.

With a vertical farm, land can be optimised to produce more veggies. In an area of 54 square metres, Sustenir produces one tonne of kale per month. This is up to 177 times more productive than traditional farming on the same amount of land.

Plus, since the food is farmed locally, it takes far less carbon emissions to get to your grocery store as opposed to importing food all the way from a different country.


Indoor farms mean clean, pesticide-free vegetables. By keeping external air pollutants out of the growing area and having all harvesters put on clean-room suits (or personal protection equipment) before they enter, hygiene is paramount. Sustenir’s kale is so clean that you don’t even have to wash it before eating!

Healthy eating that’s also sustainable and ethical doesn’t have to be difficult. Even better, it’s also really delicious.

Sustenir Agriculture is available across 80 Market Place by Jasons and Wellcome stores in Hong Kong. You can also find Sustenir online at Market Place and Jou Sun.

For recipes and more, follow the Sustenir Facebook page

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