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The avocado is a versatile, velvety-textured fruit that we treat as a vegetable, gaining a cult-like following over the past decade for its purported health properties. It’s also the inspiration for Hong Kong’s Avobar. This London import is avocado themed, with each menu item incorporating the trendy superfood. So why did Liana Kazaryan, the founder and brand director of Avobar, decide to base her concept around this humble green fruit?

InvestHK introduced us to the Avobar founder so that we could find out the answers to this and more.

Liana Kazarya, Founder and Brand Director of Avobar

Liana Kazaryan, founder, Avobar

What’s something you would love people to know about Avobar?

Avocado in our concept is more than food – it is a mood. Its connotations with its sunny origins and a cultural symbol of the modern generation inform the atmosphere and our attitude, so to speak. From the beautiful and vibrant presentation of our plates to the fun slogans on our waiters’ organic cotton, Earth-positive T-shirts, this shines through. More than anything, we set out to create a brand that is good for the individual and good for society. We focus on quality and balance, adding our creative and playful spin to everything we do. We approach Avobar as more than a restaurant but also a lifestyle that we share with our community.

Avobar Hong Kong

Can you tell us why you want to open Avobar in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is notorious for its food scene, and it is indeed incredibly vibrant, so it was always an exciting prospect to enter this market. People here are open and enthusiastic about new and original ideas, and we feel lucky to have been welcomed so warmly.

What lessons have you learned since launching in Hong Kong?

Since we launched in Hong Kong, circumstances have been fast-changing and unpredictable. We learn to be adaptable and creative every day. These skills are fundamental for business on any day, but especially so now.

How much has Avobar been affected by all the issues happening in the city?

We have seen a significant impact since September. From operational model to marketing campaign, we have to react to the market instantaneously. It is particularly challenging given we are new to the Hong Kong market. However, we are adapting and learning and believe this will ultimately make us stronger.

Is there a delivery option for Avobar?

The whole all-avocado menu, including signature dishes like the avo bun burger and ultimate avo toast or new summer dishes like the chicken avo toast and udon noodle bowl, is currently available for delivery and pick-up service on Deliveroo.

Avobar Hong Kong

When things settle down, do you have any expansion plans?

Absolutely. We are currently looking to expand in other parts of Asia.

How important is social media to your brand? What’s your strategy?

Communication with our audience is vital for us, and social media plays a crucial role in it. It is a great opportunity to convey our brand identity, values, products and mood and, in return, receive feedback straight away, which is incredibly valuable as we are so guest-oriented.

Which is your personal favourite dish at Avobar?

The Avobar Cobb salad and the black cod risotto (created exclusively for the Hong Kong menu).

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