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With restaurants on their toes meeting the latest regulations dictated by COVID-19, takeaway and delivery have become more and more popular. Chilli Fagara’s delivery-only noodle-concept menu, Hot ‘N’ Meen, found on Deliveroo, is a budget-friendly treat for lunch or dinner, filled with a variety of appetisers and noodles. With everything priced below $100 and an additional 20% discount on offer, there’s no way you shouldn’t consider this as a choice for ordering out.

All the appetisers are smaller in portion, so we recommend ordering a few.

Chilli Fagara Hong Kong

Chilli Fagara’s kitchen continues to showcase innovative, brightly coloured dishes that aren’t necessarily spicy. Take the century egg ($38) as an example, where the green chillies aren’t fiery, instead giving the bits of egg an earthy flavour.

Chilli Fagara Hong Kong

If you’re not a big fan of century egg, I recommend trying the cold Sichuan glass noodles ($38). This dish is numbing on the tongue, with the Sichuan peppercorns hidden amongst the creamy peanut sauce, garnished with crushed peanuts and spring onion for texture.

Chilli Fagara Hong Kong

The tangy riblets ($48) contain pork ribs with dried chilli in a dark brown, glossy sauce. Mild in flavour, the meat on these mini ribs fell right off the bone, laced with some sourness at each tender bite.

Chilli Fagara Hong Kong

The mains consist of noodles that are hand-pulled and dense. Soft to the bite and slightly chewy, one bowl is generous and filling. The famous rainbow meen ($68) is served with a colourful range of veggies in a mild peanut sauce that’s slightly numbing.

Chilli Fagara Hong Kong

For a non-spicy noodle choice, the fragrant scallion noodles ($68) are a signature and can be ordered with or without dried prawns. Since the noodles are wider in this dish, the light, soy-based sauce fully coats the noods and fried scallions in each savoury bite.


Since earning its well-deserved Michelin recommendation, Chilli Fagara demonstrates that Sichuan cuisine can move beyond spiciness. Hot ‘N’ Meen’s dishes are complex and varied, and the dishes come at a steal of a price. If you’d like to dine in-house, Hot ‘N’ Meen is popping up for a limited time at Chilli Fagara, daily from 2–5:30pm.

7 Old Bailey Street, SoHo, Central, 2796 6676, book online, order takeaway/delivery

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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