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Since flying to the Greek Isles isn’t on the cards for us anytime soon, Blu Kouzina is the next best thing to come our way, giving us a taste of the Grecian holiday we’ve all been dreaming of.

When I think of Greek cuisine, I think of souvlaki, feta, lots and lots of olive oil and lemon and earthy, well-seasoned meats. Blu Kouzina provides all this – and more.

With a unique and ambitious way to trial their dishes to the Hong Kong crowd, the Singapore-based Greek eatery has partnered with Deliveroo to spread the word. Known for its rustic, traditional dishes and heavy-hitting Mediterranean flavours, two additional branch-off concepts, Lucky Souvlaki and VIOS, are also included on the online delivery platform.

The menus shine with a mix of traditional Greek fare and fusion hits – some of the best takeaway food I’ve ever had in Hong Kong. I have a feeling Blu Kouzina will woo diners with an even more extensive menu once its brick-and-mortar restaurant opens here.

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

Blu Kouzina

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

Go traditional by ordering the Greek salad ($83/½; $137/full) to start. Feta is tossed with tomato, cucumber, red onion and olives, drenched in olive oil and dried oregano.

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

Add on the succulent and flavourful kalamaki kreas, or grass-fed beef skewers ($58/80g; $104/160g), which pair so well with Blu’s variety of dips, or simply go with a squeeze of lemon.

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

The thick, earthy hummus ($96) is a must-order, while the creamy tzatziki ($95) is filled with flavours of lemon and dill and the tirokafteri, or spicy cheese dip ($107), is a mix of feta, bell pepper and chilli flakes.

Lucky Souvlaki

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

Lucky Souvlaki is pure gyros goodness, where you can build your own kebab using Blu Kouzina’s soft, pillowy pitta as the base. The chicken with tzatziki ($121) was toasty warm, containing tender chicken marinated in Mediterranean spices and a generous amount of red onion, fresh tomato and crispy French fries. The tzatziki added a tart, creamy dynamic with hints of smoked paprika.


While the classic Greek salad can be ordered from both Blu Kouzina and Lucky Souvlaki, VIOS moves away from traditional Greek and goes fusion, also featuring a variety of vegan and vegetarian grain and salad bowls. The bowls are filled with a colourful palette of veggies, containing dollops of hummus, tzatziki and other dips on the side, ready to be mixed in.

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

The Mediterranean bowl ($110) is one of the signatures. It consists of tri-colour quinoa and rocket topped with an assortment of ripe tomatoes, olives, red onion and tons of feta over a base of tender, well-seasoned chicken.

Blu Kouzina Hong Kong

The Guardian ($95) contains spinach, quinoa, roasted carrot and broccoli and grilled chicken and is served with scoops of three-bean dip and tzatziki.


I can’t wait until Blu Kouzina opens its doors after COVID restrictions are eased. All the dishes I tried were hits – by far, the Blu Kouzina family serves up some of the best Greek food I’ve had in Hong Kong. I’m looking forward to dining in and seeing a bustling interior filled with tables enjoying family-style sharing plates made with top Greek produce.

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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