Spice fiends, we were recently introduced to FIYAH! Heat Store, an online marketplace featuring amazing hot sauces from around the world, and we wanted to share the love.

Dedicated to bringing the world of small-batch hot sauce to Hong Kong, FIYAH! was founded last summer by three heat seekers and flavour lovers (for hot sauce is not just about knock-your-socks off heat but also a range of flavour profiles). The website offers more than 150 hot sauces by craft producers across the globe. There’s something for everyone, from mild and savoury, to medium with a hint of sweetness, to bring-on-the-burn fiery. There’s also a section showcasing interesting mustards.

Flagrant Hot Sauce from the 852

A recent fave hot sauce for us is Flagrant Hot Sauce by HK’s very own Flagrant Sauce Company. We smeared this umami-heavy bad boy on the delectable fried chicken over at newly opened The Last Resort on Peel Street, and we couldn’t get enough of the sauce’s subtle yuzu notes, which nicely balanced the heaviness of the fried chook.

Swaziland’s Black Mamba Cayenne Chilli Sauce

The next hot sauce we’re keen to try is Black Mamba Cayenne Chilli Sauce, hailing from Swaziland. We’re huge fans of cayenne’s strong, pungent flavour, and we like to put it on just about everything (but especially our scrambled egg). This particular cayenne sauce is special because so much heart goes into making it, with the Black Mamba team comprised of locals who desperately need a sustainable income.

Taste-test all the sauce at the upcoming Treasure Island Sunday Market

If you want to see (and taste) FIYAH!’s hot sauces in the flesh, they’ll be at Treasure Island Sunday Market at Treasure Island Beach Club, Pui O, on 28 March and 25 April, 12–6pm.

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