We love the artisanal baked goodies at Grégoire Michaud’s acclaimed Bakehouse, but the seemingly endless queues outside the shops in SoHo and Wanchai are a bit of a deterrent, especially with the onslaught of a hot and humid Hong Kong summer.

Now enter Bread Pantry, a new line of toaster-ready breads and pastries created by Chef Michaud using the same care and quality ingredients synonymous with his name. The best part: Bread Pantry is available across 20 various Market Place by Jasons and Wellcome outlets around town.

Thus far, 10 varieties of breads are on offer, ranging from Chef Michaud’s signature country farmhouse sourdough ($36), which takes 36 hours of natural fermentation to create, to stone-baked rolls ($20). All breads are baked using premium flour milled by the Girardeau family’s Suire Mill in Boussay, France, Guérande sea salt and a 15-year-old natural levain.

These breads are a great addition to your bread pantry (pun intended). The products are well priced and are quality stable so that you can stash them for up to three months in the freezer, making them perfect for busy households.

We recently used three of Bread Pantry’s breads to put together some mouth-watering dishes at home. First, we made grilled cheese using the toasted grains sourdough ($28) along with a homemade roasted tomato sauce. We loved the crunch of the bread once grilled with a dab of butter, and the seeds added great texture and contrast. The bread also held up well despite the cheesy, hot, delicious mess of a filling.

Next up, we grilled bratwurst and sandwiched it between toasted hot dog buns ($36) with a heap of toppings. The bun added a gourmet feel to the humble hot dog by offering a slightly chewy yet yielding texture, a far cry from the often gummy, limp and overly sweet supermarket varieties.

On the sweeter side, we smeared homemade Nutella (once you try it, you can’t go back!) over rustic white sourdough ($26). Again, the great chew and texture of the bread distinguish it from other mass-produced varieties.

We’re keen to try Bread Pantry’s sweet breads and pastries too, and the cheese pretzel is also calling our name.

Click here for locations that offer Bread Pantry products.

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