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When wondering what foods go well with coffee, we bet the majority will vote chocolate, and rightly so – coffee and chocolate pairing is a match made in heaven! However, due to the vast amount of flavours we are now able to achieve by purchasing different coffees from different regions and countries, many foods are now compatible with this particular brew.

Using a coffee machine to grind your beans adds a high-quality freshness to your brew, and we highly advise that you have an appliance that grinds your beans first before you test out a coffee pairing highlighted in the infographic below. Don’t let your taste buds become confused and underwhelmed by a coffee and cheese pairing that tastes sour owing to using a Robusta bean instead of an Arabica bean!

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When pairing coffee with food, you’ll likely find that the accompanying food will alter the taste of the coffee. Pairing a sweet item with coffee will make the coffee seem a lot stronger in taste and, in some cases, can make the coffee seem quite bitter. On the other hand, pairing coffee with a savoury food such as bacon will add a smoky depth to the coffee that wasn’t there when you first brewed it.

The majority of our answers to coffee and food pairings are desserts that go well with coffee, and whilst this is what we expected to see, there are a few surprises thrown in there like bacon and cheese.

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