Make your family bonding time more meaningful this summer with Rosewood Hong Kong’s Staycation for Good, a quarterly initiative that provides educational insights for the whole family on environmental and social issues.

Debuting on Monday, 23 August, the three-day, two-night experience works in partnership with local NGOs to provide guests with an action-packed itinerary of activities designed to bring awareness on food upcycling, regenerative farming and resource conservation.

Highlights include a visit to Food Angel to learn about their food rescue and assistance programme, a half-day farm excursion with Produce Green Foundation with hands-on rice-planting and hay-binding activities, as well as fun sensory activities and a virtual-reality film. Wrap up the stay with a workshop run by Matchali, Hong Kong’s very own matcha brand, and learn about their zero-waste production line alongside the secrets to making the perfect cup of matcha.

The premiere edition of Staycation for Good is scheduled for 23–25 August and is priced at $5,300 for two adults and one child. The price includes daily breakfast, transport, guided tours and a donation of $500 to Social Ventures Hong Kong. Please note that the activities will be conducted in Cantonese, but there should be enough English speakers around to assist with translations.

Instead of indulging in just another staycation this summer, why not add a bit more meaning and inspire positive change to the way in which we view sustainability…

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Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, TST, 3891 8888, book online

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