We are absolutely stoked learning that H Code, H Zentre, 18 On Lan and H Queen’s will be launching a brand new “The Art of Gourmet Flavor Dining Campaign” starting 29th August (Monday), where epicures get to purchase $400 worth of dining vouchers at just $200 to use at 25 of their very best gourmet restaurants (list included below). While supplies last, restrictions apply, details here.

We have recently visited five of the participating restaurants at H Zentre, and were pleasantly pleased with their decadence and panoramic view of the harbour.

Ramen House Konijiki HototogisuBeing a Michelin-starred and Big Gourmand-winning eatery, the complex and multi-faceted flavours of the broth won our hearts. Their award-winning Shoyu Hamaguri Soup Ramen ($128) was a true wonder of alchemy, with a myriad of premium ingredients including black truffle paste, porcini oil and porcini flakes enhancing the broth made with Hamaguri clams, pork bone and Japanese broth.

Saburo Japanese Yakiniku

At this premium Yakiniku eatery, we reveled in an indulgent gastronomic journey with prized premium A5 wagyu cuts served in Omakase style. Their set priced at $1480 hit the trifecta with fresh sashimi, melt-in-the-mouth wagyu cuts and skillful grilling techniques performed right in front of us.

Sushi Rin

This edomae sushi restaurant focuses on providing diners with unadulterated freshness of raw ingredients with minimal and simple seasonings. Our 14-course $1880 Omakase culinary journey was guided by an experienced sushi master, who taught us valuable knowledge on various kinds of fish’s living habitats and preparation procedures. We were enchanted by the harmonious medley of flavours as well as the deft and artistic techniques in creating each photogenic dish.


Boasting a stunning, unrivalled panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour, Hutong is the epitome of Northern Chinese cuisine. You cannot miss out their flaming Peking duck (half: $445; full: $890) which is served theatrically in a fiery cloud of flames. With its glistening, crisped-up skin and duck fat that bursted with umami, your meal will be made perfect with the wraps made with delicately paper-thin pancakes.


Recently welcoming new chef Andrea from London, a series of new Italian dishes have been introduced at AQUA. Indulge in the beautiful wreath of King crab salad with aromatic cucumber, tomato consommé and parsley oil ($248), along with the signature tataki platter ($858) with innovative wagyu and foie gras sushi, while feasting on the glamorous scenic views by the chic floor-to-ceiling windows. Perfect for a romantic date.

List of participating restaurants:

H Queen’s

H Code

H Zentre

  • AQUA
  • Hutong
  • Ramen House Konjiki Hototogisu
  • Saburo Japanese Yakiniku
  • Sushi Rin

18 On Lan

  • MONO
  • Ryota Kappou Modern

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