Chinesologyhas recently launched a Hong Kong-style happy hour menu that reminisces fond collective childhood memories. Partnering up with the UK distilled gin Fok Hing Gin, the menu has an array of reinvented cocktails and snacks inspired by iconic cha chaan teng classics.

Chinesology Milk Tea ($118)This drink was presented in a theatrical flourish of dry ice, and served in an orange and white glass container that replicates the traditional cha chaan teng paper cup. The creamy milk tea base was made with black & white full milk, carnation milk and pu-er tea. The addition of Chineseology gin and avacatte lofted the traditional drink higher with a twist and delicate aftertaste.

Ginger Lemon Coke ($118)

The ginger lemon coke cocktail was a concoction of Fok Hing Gin, young ginger, lemon, agave and Coca Cola. Inspired by the popular flu remedy, the base was made with fresh ginger and lemon juice, and further built up with gin and Coca Cola, emanating a delicate citrusy aftertaste.

Pineapple Punch ($118)

If you are a fan of iced pineapple like me, you will enjoy this drink as much as I do! The drink was made with champagne cordial, lime, pineapple juice and Chinesology’s very own gin. The pineapple juice was refreshing and sweet without losing its tang. The cocktail was garnished with a slice of torched dried pineapple which amped the drink up with a fragrance and complexity. The drink was easy-drinking and soothing, perfect for summer!

Bloody Yuki ($128)

This was definitely the showstopper of the night with its innovative take. Inspired by the Hong Kong-style beef consomme and Bloody Mary, the tomato-based cocktail was topped up with 華梅芬 and the legendary Yu Kwen Yick spicy sauce, which provided an interesting punch. Preserved plum, celery pickles and salami sausage were added as sides. The combination was very light, tangy and refreshing.

Mini Pineapple Bun with Satay Beef ($98 for 2 pieces)

The pineapple bun was quintessential — crispy and crumbly on the outside; fluffy and soft on the inside. The beef, slathered in a rich and garlicky satay sauce, was beautifully tender with addicting peanut fragrance. This was definitely the highlight of the night!

Lava Tomato Hong Kong Style French Toast ($78 for 2 pieces)

The reinvented french toast was such a guilty pleasure. Sandwiched between the layers of fluffy and butter brioche was an indulgent spicy tomato filling, which enlivened the classic version with a punchy and tangy twist. Making it even more evil was the honey syrup that came along with it. The more the merrier!

Gin Jelly Cubes ($108)

Jelly cube candy was simply everyone’s childhood memory! Chineseology has created a grown up version of it by infusing gin into the jelly mixture. The alcoholic flavour of the jelly cubes was pretty mild, while the jelly had a firm and chewy texture. They also did not taste saccharine like normal jelly candies, so you need not worry about getting sugar overload.


Chinesology is the perfect place to be for some fun and cute nostalgic cocktails curated by bar manager Fan Tsang, and some childhood favorites by Chef Saito Chau. Do give the restaurant a visit and immerse yourself in a culinary trip down memory lane.


Shop 3101, Podium Level 3, IFC Mall, Central, 6809 2299

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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