MâmAmis serves up authentic Vietnamese sharing plates with a touch of French flair

A mishmash of the Vietnamese word mam (meaning “feast”) and the French word amis (meaning “friends”), MâmAmis is an inviting new spot in Sheung Wan by the team behind Chilli Fagara and Hot ‘N’ Meen, so it comes with a good pedigree. The bright space is decorated with plenty of greenery, featuring an eye-catching mural commissioned by a local artist.

On the extensive menu are starters and mains that are meant for sharing, all peppered with the authentic flavours of Vietnam. Harking back to Vietnam’s French colonial past, several of the dishes display French touches, be it in the cooking techniques or ingredients utilised.

MâmAmis interior

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

This pomelo salad (HK$158) is a great way to kick-start your taste buds. It feels healthy in the best possible way, and it’s loaded with a bevy of punchy flavours and textures, from the silky pomelo, to the crunchy carrot and cucumber, to the aromatic mint and coriander. The plump prawns are a bonus.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

Along with the beef rib that follows, the beef carpaccio (HK$258) is a star dish at MâmAmis. This is definitely not your standard Italian-style carpaccio dressed simply with rocket and olive oil, but one that’s bursting with flavour. The thinly sliced, tender US Angus rib-eye is blanketed with a forest of coriander, scallion and fried garlic and shallot, doused in a piquant house sauce that packs a wallop with its burst of lemongrass flavour.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

The betel-leaf rolls (HK$138) are a Vietnamese classic done right here. Betel leaf has a peppery, sharp flavour that’s akin to shiso and perilla, and it’s a lovely complement to the savoury filling of pork, vermicelli, jicama, taro, carrot and wood ear.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

A dish with a distinct French influence, the buttery pan-seared foie gras (HK$188) sits atop toasted garlic baguette – pure indulgence. The dollops of pineapple-chilli jam are a must for smearing on the foie gras in order to cut through the richness.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

In terms of the meaty mains, which include a herb-laden roast spring chicken and crispy suckling pig, The BBR, otherwise known as US beef short rib (HK$368), is the clear winner. We could have polished off the whole thing, despite it being such a hefty chunk. Slow-cooked sous vide for 48 hours, the beef rib is exceedingly tender and full of flavour, nearly melting right off the bone.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

It wouldn’t be a Vietnamese meal without pho. The meat combo pho (HK$158) is a gigantic bowl of fragrant, comforting goodness. The broth is beefy yet light with a hint of sweetness, and it’s topped with a an assortment of meats, from thinly sliced beef, to meatballs, to pork sausage. We recommend adding in all the accompanying herbs, bean sprouts and chilli, as they do it in Vietnam, along with a squeeze or two of chilli and hoisin sauces for good measure.

Foodie and MâmAmis, Hong Kong

If you’re in the mood for noods but want something a bit different from the Vietnamese norm, the crab and tomato soup (HK$148) is a good contender. The robust pork-bone broth veers towards the salty side, but it’s balanced by the natural sweetness of fresh tomato. Alongside the soft-shell crab and crabmeat-roe soufflé, there are thin rice vermicelli noodles and cubes of fried tofu to soak up the soup and prolong the flavours.


MâmAmis makes for a delicious pit stop in the Sheung Wan ‘hood when you’re craving the authentic taste of Vietnam. The portions are generous, the ambience is chilled and the flavours are vibrant – all the makings for a reliable favourite.

In addition to the reasonably priced à-la-carte menu, MâmAmis offers a set lunch menu that starts at HK$108 for customisable pho (choose your veg/protein, plus noodle and broth types) and set tea menu (from HK$98) that includes a banh mi or dry vermicelli noodle bowl washed down with a glass of lemon or milk tea.

Where: 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan

To contact: phone 2893 3309 (for group bookings, email reservations@mamamishk.com)

This write-up is based on a complimentary media tasting provided in exchange for an honest review and no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed here represent the author’s.

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