Hong Kong’s home-grown chocolate maker Conspiracy Chocolate and natural wine pioneer La Cabane are collaborating on a concept that marries two of the most complex flavours known to mankind, launching this concept on Nov. 21.

Customers will be able to taste and learn ways to elevate the experience of tasting wine and chocolate together. They can choose from a wide range of carefully curated natural wine bottles from small growers, as well as Conspiracy’s full range of chocolate bars, confectionery, bonbons, pralines, and truffles.

The joint pop-up will start on Nov. 21 and take place at both La Cabane’s Bistro at 62 Hollywood Road, where visitors can experience a refined yet casual natural wine bar, and La Cabane’s Cellar at 97 Hollywood Road, where guests can enter a wine cellar and get face time with the team for personalised advice on the best bottle for their occasion.

The Cellar will display Conspiracy’s full range of chocolate bars and chocolate confectionery. During this year’s holiday period, Conspiracy will split the range in two. They will feature both classics, such as milk chocolate bars and winter bonbons, and adventurous options, such as a porcini mushroom chocolate bar and a set of savoury bonbons (miso caramel, dan dan noodle), amongst others.

Find more information on La Cabane’s Instagram page and Conspiracy Chocolate’s Instagram page.

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