New edible-lifestyle brand SUPERnatural+ is set to shake up the health and nutrition industry in Hong Kong, launching Nov. 25 with a fun range of Asian-inspired snacks, protein supplements, meals, merchandise, and sustainable products.

Founded by ex-investment banker Josh Anstey and F&B guru Jared Lawler, SUPERnatural+ seeks to activate Hong Kong with wholesome nutrition and fun flavours at the forefront of the health conversation.

SUPERfood smoothies crafted by the brand employ superfood boosters such as chia seeds, Bacopa monnieri extract, ashwagandha powder, and lion’s mane mushroom powder to help to boost the immune system and mental clarity.

Alongside the brand’s SUPERsnacks of powerful protein-forward matcha, chocolate, and goji-berry- flavoured bites, a line-up of SUPERbrew nitro cold canned coffee brews is being introduced, infused with adaptogens for assisting stress relief. 

Challenging the meal-plan space in Hong Kong, SUPERnatural+ is releasing signature pre-designed bowls catering to members with demanding schedules who are in need of consistent nutritional intake. Recipes are inspired by Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean, and Chinese cuisines. 

SUPERnatural+ launches officially at the Hong Kong Fitness + Wellness Expo and HYROX Hong Kong on Nov. 25–26. Follow their Instagram page for more information on product releases.

Rubin Verebes is the Managing Editor of Foodie, a culinary connoisseur, and guiding force behind the magazine's delectable stories. With a knack for cooking up mouthwatering profiles, crafting immersive restaurant reviews, and dishing out tasty features, Rubin tells the great stories of Hong Kong's dining scene.

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