From Rome to London, Seoul to Hong Kong, Lorenzo Antinori’s storied drinks career is a geographic marvel. In Asia, he delivered premium experiences within the Four Seasons hotel group from 2017, before carving an independent path to open Bar Leone in Hong Kong in June 2023. 

Conceptualised as a home for Italian drinking culture and la dolce vita, Lorenzo’s Roman-style watering hole has fostered a reverent love with both local drinkers and scores of visitors. Sips of negronis, vino, and seasonal Italian cocktails and bites of cold cuts, piattini, and focaccia are a marked rite of passage for any hot Soho night.

Foodie journeyed to voguish Bar Leone to uncover the philosophy behind Lorenzo’s food and drinks craft, including his yuzu negroni recipe, his philosophy for mixing drinks, and the story behind the bar’s famous smoked olives.

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