European Pork, from Denmark: Sustainability. Safe, sustainable and high-quality products

European Pork, from Denmark: Sustainability

Safe, sustainable and high-quality products

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European Pork, from Denmark  European Pork, from Denmark European Safety and Quality  on 29 Sep '20

Climate change, resulting in global warming, is creating challenges for the sustainability of European pork production. Recognising this and understanding the challenges, European pork producers have pledged to take the lead in finding sustainable solutions for producing meat in a greener and more sustainable way.

European pork from Denmark

Sustainability in Denmark

Sustainability implies taking into consideration the entire value chain, from farm to fork and from livestock feed to consumer.

In Denmark, the sustainability strategy is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and builds on the key areas where Danish pork producers have the greatest influence on the value chain, whether positive or negative. They identify and assess these areas every year to ensure they are focused on the right opportunities and challenges. They then set sustainable goals in a number of areas, such as strategy and business development, where they can see a positive difference for farmers, customers and surroundings.

European pork from Denmark

Positive figures for the future

In 2019, Danish pork producers achieved the outstanding result of having 90% of all their pigs come from farms with a sustainability certificate. Their next objective is to lower their climate impact by 2030 and be completely climate neutral by 2050.

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European Pork, from Denmark

European Pork, from Denmark

European Safety and Quality

Certified European pork’s transparent quality is made up of two things.
First: its 100% traceability thanks to careful logging.
Second: European pork meets the highest standards.