Incredible! New Plant-Based Burger to Hit Shelves in Spring 2019

Incredible! New Plant-Based Burger to Hit Shelves in Spring 2019

In the wave of vegetarian patties, first came Beyond, then Impossible and now there’s Incredible from the world’s largest food company

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To compete with the new meatless burgers from Beyond and Impossible that have captivated the world’s attention and taste buds, now the world’s largest food company, Nestlé, have thrown their own ginormous hat into the ring for a share of the globe’s rising obsession with faux meat patties.

The Incredible Burger

Photo credit: Nestlé Deutschland

The Incredible Burger contains 0g meat yet contains a juicy and authentic meat flavour, says the spokesperson for the Swiss company. Launched under Nestlé’s Garden Gourmet brand, initially available only in the German market, the wheat- and soy-based burger is part of a continuing expansion of its vegan business.

Nestlé Managing Director Volker Baltes states, “Garden Gourmet has stood for a variety of vegetarian products for over 30 years. The Incredible Burger is made for flexitarians.”

Bloomberg reports that Nestlé Chief Technology Officer Stefan Palzer has said, “While digging deeper into consumer trends, we found they changed a bit in the last couple of years depending on how consumers define a healthy diet,” going on to say, “Vegetarianism has never been this popular before, and it’s here to stay. I’m convinced about that.”

The Incredible Burger

Photo credit: Nestlé Deutschland

The Incredible Burger will go on sale this spring at select supermarkets. The new meat-free burger accompanies plans by Nestlé to launch a purple walnut and blueberry drink as well as an Instagram-friendly blue spirulina latte as milk-free alternatives amongst its growing plans for further vegan products.

Meanwhile, Impossible Foods have received a no-questions letter from the US Food and Drug Administration, concluding that its unique key ingredient (soy leghemoglobin – read more about different plant–based meats here) is safe to eat. That paves the way for their plans to sell Impossible products at retail level, in direct competition with the Incredible brand.

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In other news, the UK’s largest bakery, Greggs, has just released a vegan sausage roll (review here), much to the apparent distress of controversial Piers Morgan...

@GreggsOfficial on twitter

Photo credit: @GreggsOfficial

Greggs has teamed up with plant-based food manufacturer Quorn to create the vegan sausage roll, using a special recipe with a fermented fungus called mycoprotein.

... this is a juicy sausage alternative that doesn’t leave that grease plate of regret on the roof of your mouth.

We are betting this won’t be the last of the plant-based meat alternatives we see this year.

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