Have you ever had a vegan lavender mulberry muffin with candied ginger glaze, or a free-range bison hot dog topped with egg and pickled ramps?

Well, Millennials have, and are proficient at capturing the moment and sharing it on social media. 50% of Millennials have labelled themselves as “Foodies”. For this particular generation, food has become something of a societal sensation; a concept that is cooked, consumed, and communicated on all media platforms from the Food Network to Facebook.

The online world and the communities within them, ie Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, have turned into a “food porn” paradise, where a quick snap of a salted caramel ice cream sandwich will perhaps surpass that of a family members’ new child. According to Univision Communications, 44% of Millennials ages 21-24 have posted a photo of food or drinks they or someone else was having on social media.

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Food Reflects Personality
“Unlike previous generations,” states Millennial marketer Jeff Fromm, “Millennials now have the capability to use food as a method of personal storytelling and self-expression.”

Given the media will be viewed by all and then some of the friends in one’s social sphere, Millennials want the food they eat to be consistent with the image they seek to portray. Thus young diners make ethical choices when it comes to consumables, whether free-range, locally-sourced, or organic foods. This is two-fold beneficial to our bodies and to sustainability. “Millennials are proud of their food-conscious purchases,” says Fromm, “and…feel that their money is contributing to a greater good.” Even if at times we end up a tad like this… 

Dining Diversity and Authenticity
Technology and globalization have broadened the perspective of these minds to many different cultures early on, engendering a generation-wide culinary curiosity. Ethnic mash-ups are also popular amongst them. This fusion reflects their cultural fluidity, and appreciation for exotic and unexpected flavors. It also makes them look well-traveled to all of their Twitter followers. 

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Eco-Friendly and Communal Eating
The only thing that could make their eco-friendly, globally-inspired food taste even better would be eating it in an eco-friendly, globally inspired restaurant. Millennials love to dine in locations where the design reflects the food, and accommodates their sociability with communal seating, open kitchens, and menus made to share. This also makes an eye-grabbing place to take a selfie. 

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