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As Madame Mallory from The Hundred Foot Journey movie once said: “One Michelin star is good. Two is amazing. Three is only for the gods”.


The youngest three-star Michelin Chef, Albert Au Kwok Keung, makes a stunning arrival in China Tang Hong with a new tasting menu of delicious classic culinary creations with a modern twist.

Starting at the age of 14 – Chef Au’s pursuit and passion to create the best Chinese dishes has made him one of the top chefs in town by using new and classic techniques in order to achieve the art of Chinese food. From previous work at other restaurants he gained recognition from the famous state banquet at the historic Beijing Hotel where he served dishes to such former heads of state as Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and Li Peng. Chef Au called the event a defining moment, in which he sparked his career to new heights of excellence.

In 2009, Chef Au took up the position of Executive Chef at Island Tang within the Lai Sun Group which specialises in the use of high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world. This earned Chef Au a Michelin star for Island Tang for three consecutive years, from 2010-2012.

At China Tang Hong Kong, Chef Au oversees all conceptualisation and creation of the cuisine. Having a constant drive to find a new angle, and never satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, Chef Au is always striving for new inspiration. However, for now – Chef Au’s new menu will illuminate the best of Chinese cuisine with a range of dishes for guests to try, such as: 

Image title

Stewed pork belly with red dates and candied fruit

Image title

Fried rice with minced Wagyu beef, black truffle

Image title

Steamed Tien Jin cabbage roulades on pumpkin cream

Image title

Braised jumbo crab claw stuffed with minced pork

China Tang

Shop 411-413, 4/F, Landmark Atrium, 16 Des Voeux Rd C, Central

 2522 2148

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