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Lan Kwai Fong has been shifting, albeit slowly, away from the jelly shots in syringes and club 7-Eleven vibes and is morphing into a somewhat more creative and sophisticated affair. Here are 12 newly added, intriguingly innovative cocktails to the LKF mix:


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The first drink that we tried at Ori-gin, quickly caught our attention and be warned, it may elicit some “awwws”. KGB is visually one of the most interesting drinks that we have seen.

It is served in a bath tub with foamed alcohol to form a sudsy bubble-like layer, seated next to a rubber duck to complete the scene. Ori-gin has also taken time to perfect a molecular method to create what they call, “Earl Gray Caviar” which are small tea flavoured bubbles within the cocktail, similar to the beloved bubbles of bubble tea. The drink itself is a nice grape flavour; it is a perfect starter for a night of sweeter drinks.

Mixologist: Antonio Lai

Ingredients: Kyoho grape liqueur, lemon juice, lime juice, grape juice, elderflower syrup. Topped with Kyoho grape tea air, served in a mini bathtub (new design, our collaboration with Loveramics) with a rubber duck on the side. Virgin version available.

Price: $128 (with 10% service charge)

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If KGB caught our attention, WTF caught our tastebuds. Inspired by the mixologist’s childhood spent eating ‘tofu fa’ (a traditional Chinese sweet tofu pudding dessert), WTF is a creamy, alcoholic rendition of the traditional favourite. Made with in-house tofu distilled gin, the sweet drink is a topped with dried pineapples to mimic the brown sugar often used on top of the dessert. WTF is served simply, in a wooden cup.

Mixologist: Rex Chan

Ingredients: Tofu redistilled gin, tofu milkshake, Jax Coco water, Domine de Canton, syrup. Topped with a pinch of dehydrated and ground pineapple to resemble brown sugar that tops the traditional Cantonese tofu-fa dessert.

Price: $118 (with 10% service charge)

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With the view of Central that Townhouse offers to its guests, it is not a surprise that the bar has a specific devotion to making your drinks look #delicious. 

The Golden Triangle:

The Golden Triangle is a sweet rum based cocktail. It is fruity, fresh and well-balanced. However, what makes this stand out from the rest of the crowd is that it literally stands out. The mixologists present the cocktail with a pyramid of foam decorated with whole curry leaves, which add an interesting contrast to the sweetness of the drink. 

Ingredients: Curry Leaves Infused White Rum, Peach Liqueur, Apricot Brandy, Sour Mix, and Molecular Ginger Foam.

Price: $98

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Popcorn Avenue:

Popcorn Avenue, on the other hand, is a savoury heavy-hitter.  With a tequila base and strong buttery and salty aroma, this drink will put some colour in your cheeks. The mixologists have done a very good job at keeping the liquor from becoming overpowering, as the popcorn flavour and  the smell of the charred pepper counter the strong spirits. 

Ingredients: Popcorn Infused Tequila Gold, Apricot Brandy, Fresh Lemon Juice, Grilled Yellow Bell Pepper

Price: $98

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Choco Fun:

Choco fun defines a dessert cocktail. This cocktail is a creamy, milk-based edition you can request in a variety of flavours–we suggest either chocolate or strawberry. The entire cocktail is then topped with mini ice cream balls made with nitrogen, which look and taste very similar to “Dippin’ Dots”. While it is not a good starter to a night of drinking, it is an amazing stand alone drink, or cap to a dinner out.   

Mixologist: Rai Sushant

Ingredients: Choice of fruit (melon, strawberry, raspberry, and mango) and nuts (almond and hazelnut), cacao white liquor, nitrogen, half and half.

Price: $135

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LUX Tea Party:

Lux tea party is the type of tea party you wish you had been invited to.  The cocktail is served in a traditional Chinese tea set and the drink itself is tea based.  Smooth, peachy and balanced, the drink is very easy to sip on, as the taste of the alcohol is well hidden. The teapot is also served with nitrogen coming out of the spout to look like steam. That’s fun. 

Mixologist: Rai Sushant

Ingredients: Vodka, apple schnapps, blackcurrant jam, nitrogen, Chinese Jasmine tea.

Price: $225

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Lily & Bloom

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Snickers Old Fashioned:

Lily & Bloom spins this old favourite on its head.  They create their own Snickers-infused whisky and keep the sweetness in control by using  syrup instead of sugar cubes to maintain a well-balanced flavour throughout the entire cocktail. Topped with a slice of the beloved candy,  it makes for a tight tipple. 

Ingredients: Snickers candy bar infused Michter’s American whiskey, vanilla demerara, xocolatl mole bitters, black walnut bitters

Price: $150

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Buccaneers’ Brew:

Lily & Bloom is nothing if not a dedicated, attention-to-detail bar. While the espresso martini is not novel, the mixologists have dedicated themselves to perfecting every ingredient in their take on it; the Buccaneers’ Brew. This includes a 15 hour process to cold-brew the coffee. This method allows for coffee’s signature bitterness, without the acidity, which can make the drink off-putting.  It is the perfect pre-game drink; all the more energy to party with, my dears!

Ingredients: Cold brewed coffee, coffee liqueur, rum

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The Woods

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Created by the Woods mixology team

Poddington Pea:

Poddington Pea is an innovative savoury cocktail.  Using seasonal vegetal flavours, the drink strikes an interesting balance between sweet and savoury.  In the end, it tastes similar to a juice with an alcoholic twist. It is a nice, light addition to a night out. Plus you are getting at least 1 of your 5 a day

Ingredients: Edinburgh Gin, fresh snow peas, Green Chartreuse, fresh green apple juice, tarragon, fresh lemon juice, pea sprouts, egg whites

Price: $140

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Oak Whisky Sour:

The Wood’s Oak Whisky Sour tastes like you are coming home from your job at Sterling Cooper, loosening your tie and getting the drink that you deserve. Stereotypes aside, the toasted wood flavour and aroma match the heaviness of the whisky making for a delicious sipping drink. The sophisticated levels of both aroma and taste makes for a fitting beverage for the young wunderkind in you.

Ingredients: French oak-infused Michter’s American Whiskey, Canadian maple syrup, fresh lemon juice, egg white

Price: $155

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Mainly Fish:

Mainly Fish’s name is very fitting.  The mixologists at Highline have been able to capture the flavour of dried Japanese fish and put it into a cocktail.  This drink is mind-blowingly interesting.  While all can appreciate the novelty of the drink, the taste is not for everyone. However, if you like fish, definitely give this savoury cocktail a try.

Price: $145

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Strawberry Season:

Strawberry Season is summer in a glass. Combining both strawberry and yuzu flavours, the drink is refreshing and light, perfect for an after-work treat or start to a girls’ (or guys’…we don’t judge) night. Highline prides itself on only using fresh strawberries, some of which are frozen into the ice-cubes, making for a lovely presentation. 

Price: $145

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