Finding good quality, tasty, unusual, sustainable food which anyone but Oprah could afford in Hong Kong is hard. Really hard. There are few farmer’s markets, and the spirit of journeying cross city to scope out the wares of a new market a la Melbourne or London is not distinctly championed. What’s a foodie to do?

That’s why the Tong Chong Street Market, held every Sunday in Taikoo Place, is a shining beacon of culinary hope for the artisan food lover.   

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Taikoo Place is teaming up with Honestly Green, a local initiative that advocates sustainable and responsible food production in Hong Kong, to bring to life the Tong Chong Street Sunday Market.

The event centres around delicious food of many kinds, including local produce vendors from the Hong Kong Organic Farmers Association. Moreover, there will be vendors selling pre-packaged food from local restaurants such as Levain, Cookieboy, Conservancy Rice, Sweetpea Patisserie, Raiz the Bar,Green Common, iBakery, and Cork Culture, just to name a few.

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The highlights of the event are the exclusively crafted dishes from 10 emerging culinary entrepreneurs in Hong Kong, including 3/3rds, Boomshack, Bread & Beast, Common Ground, Grassroots Pantry, Pololi, Teakha, The Woods, Via Tokyo and Tap – The Ale Project.

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We couldn’t fathom all the deliciousness getting about, so we sought the most authoritative figure on the subject, Janice Leung Hayes (founder of Honestly Green and the Tong Chong Markets), to advise us what to specially look out for on any given Sunday. 

“Actually, all 10 F&B stalls have created exclusive dishes just for the market- you won’t get to taste them anywhere else – and they’re all super exciting, so it’s hard to choose. But, here are some picks from me:”

Bread & Beast

They’re debuting their new Sandwich Project at Tong Chong Street Market, where they collaborate with other local eateries to create a new sandwich. They’re kicking off with Sohofama’s smoked duck. and have created a magnificent sandwich called “The So Duck Sandwich”.

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The Woods

The Giverny, a lovely, light cocktail that features roselle (grows locally in abundance), although they’ll be switching up their theme soon! I love having them at the market, as I really like the idea of Tong Chong Street being a Sunday brunch destination – and what’s a proper Sunday brunch without booze..?


Everybody’s loving the Lap Cheong Schmear, and I have to agree. It’s local duck and pork sausage pate with Flanders red ale gelee served with beer malt bread.


The hash on the market fish dish is so fine and crisp, people have asked if they were glass noodles!

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Grassroots Pantry

The banh mi tartine is just divine, with a perfect hint of spicy tanginess lent by the sriracha and a dose of cucumber to keep it all fresh.

Via Tokyo

Via Tokyo’s special is a Black Sesame Cream Parfait. Rich Japanese sesame cream in the bottom using hand-made sesame paste is sourced from a family business in Osaka with over 100-years of sesame-making excellence. On top, kinako powder crunch with Okinawa Black Sugar Sauce and a sesame cookie with black and white sesame seeds.

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The first season of the Tong Chong Street Sunday Market will span from now until December 27th, and will be in business every Sunday, 11am to 5pm, at Taikoo Place, Tong Chong Street, Quarry Bay.

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