Craving authentic Mexican flavours?

You can find fresh dim sum or siu mei just about anywhere in Hong Kong, but fresh corn tortillas are harder to come by. Or, at least they were until now… Cali-Mex flew in a state of the art tortilla-making machine from the U.S. It’s the only one of its kind in Hong Kong and has solved this elusive tortilla problem once and for all!

Starting tomorrow, Cali-Mex’s freshly baked corn tortillas will be available for all of Hong Kong to wrap their taste buds around. As if having freshly baked corn tortillas wasn’t good enough, they’re also gluten free and vegan so perfect for those with special dietary requirements.

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Tortillas by themselves might not rev up your rumbling tum alone, but what if we told you that Cali-Mex also has two new fillings for you to roll up in them that Chef Jose Lazcarro created? Hungry now?

The new fillings are beer battered fish and beer battered shrimp and both are sustainably farmed so your conscience can rest at ease while you sate your appetite. Cali-Mex is thrilled to be releasing these and we look forward to trying them.

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