Is winter becoming a scarce season in Hong Kong? Having experienced its warmest January and third-warmest December on record, it looks like the fleece jackets and wool coats in our wardrobes wistfully waiting to be worn are little more than bittersweet reminders of true winters that are no more.

Eagerly grasping and fully utilising possibly some of the last chances to experience a chilly winter in Hong Kong (getting too grim – I know), we hopped over to Grand Hyatt Steakhouse for their seasonal stew menu last week when the temperature dropped to 13 degrees – because few things beat a pot of hot stew on a (relatively) cold winter’s night.

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Even though the menu only has a selection of six options, a taste of every stew offered will take you around the world. It was a tough decision to make, browsing through the list of old-school comfort food that ranged from the famous Creole dish chicken gumbo ($380) and the pub classic Guinness beef stew ($480) to the gamey hunter’s ragout ($480). We ended up opting for the earthy Peruvian lamb stew ($520), with chunks of French leg of lamb simmered with tomato, potato, hominy, annatto seed, cumin and coriander. The coriander took centre stage in this dish, adding a kick of freshness to the thick and savoury stew. We also loved the use of hominy, which gave the stew a chewy texture. The only slight letdown was the texture of the lamb, which we found a tad tough.

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Because it wouldn’t make sense to visit a steakhouse without having their crown jewel, we also tried the USDA Prime Black Angus rib-eye ($720 for 2), which was executed to perfection. Rich and buttery, the steak had plenty of marbling and a nice crust.

We’re a bit late to the stew party, which means there’s only a little more than a week left before the special menu is taken off. The stews are offered daily from 6–10:30pm until 26 February 2017. So be quick and head to the Hong Kong Observatory website, pin down the remaining coldest days and make the most out of the last chances to relish some hearty winter stews. 

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Lobby, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, 2584 7722,

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