Hong Kong has become a hotbed of faux-meat action, and the result is a slew of new dishes to try and debate. Is it good considering it’s vegetarian – or good regardless? Find out where to order plant-based burgers and other faux-meat dishes in Hong Kong with this list:

Beyond Meat

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Introduced to Hong Kong over a year ago, The Beyond Burger still regularly sells out. Beyond Burgers are unique in this category in the 852 because they are available for purchase at retail shops, so you can cook them at home to your own taste. In March 2019, Beyond Beef was introduced – plant-based mince for making meatballs, tacos, meatloaf and more.

Beyond Burger ingredients:

Water, pea-protein isolate, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, contains 2% or less of the following: cellulose from bamboo, methylcellulose, potato starch, natural flavour, maltodextrin, yeast extract, salt, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, dried yeast, gum arabic, citrus extract, ascorbic acid, beet-juice extract, acetic acid, succinic acid, modified food starch, annatto

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Impossible Foods

Chilli Fagara's Impossible

Impossible Burgers are probably the most famous of HK’s faux-meat newcomers. Initially introduced with a bang at May Chow’s Little Bao and Happy Paradise and Uwe Opocensky’s Beef & Liberty, they are now featured on the menus of a large list of restaurants around town (set yourself a burger taste test at Porterhouse, as they serve traditional beef, Beyond and Impossible burgers). Impossible Meat is now also found in a number of Asian dishes such Chinese dumplings and Thai larb, and the creativity doesn’t stop there.

Impossible Meat ingredients:

water, textured wheat protein, coconut oil, potato protein, natural flavours, 2% or less of the following: leghemoglobin (soy), yeast extract, salt, konjac gum, xanthan gum, soy-protein isolate, vitamin E, vitamin C, thiamine (vitamin B1), zinc, niacin, vitamin B6, riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamin B12

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What’s the difference between Impossible Burgers and Beyond Burgers?


Right Treat Omnipork gets full marks from the Foodie tasting team (it may be our favourite faux meat yet), and it is quietly entering local menus all over Hong Kong (see 正宗上海生煎皇). There is so much potential for this little gem – find it before it gets too popular.

Omnipork is made from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice. The full ingredient list is unavailable at this time.

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JUST (the artists formerly known as Hampton Creek) are famous for their plant-based eggs and mayonnaise, two items that are most missed by those who step from vegetarian to vegan. We can’t wait until this goes full retail, but it may be some time until production catches up with the current and increasing demand.

JUST Egg ingredients:

Water, mung-bean protein isolate, expeller-pressed canola oil, less than 2% of the following: calcium citrate, gellan gum, natural carrot extractives (colour), natural flavours, natural turmeric extractives (colour), onion purée, salt, soy lecithin, sugar, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, preservatives (nisin, potassium sorbate)

Where can we find JUST Egg in HK? Green Common for now. But watch this space! Pizza Express has recently announced a JUST Egg pizza, and we’re sure it won’t be long until we can publish a longer where-to list.http://www.greencommon.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/201809september_qre-digital-menu.pdf

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