K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s new art mall, is going heavy on its F&B offerings, with a vast range of both international and local foodie spots. The selection of coffee houses in particular has really caught our attention with its plethora of different bean specialists that are serving up every type of brew you can imagine.

Here’s the full list of every type of caffeinated fix you can find at K11 MUSEA:

% Arabica

% Arabica Hong Kong

The sixth HK shop location of coffee-connoisseur fave % Arabica – first opened in Kyoto five years ago – is truly a stunner, located within the much-anticipated golden KUBE waterside installation designed by Dutch architectural firm OMA. The dai-pai-dong-style kiosk features aluminium panels that have a special anodised golden finish that changes colour with the light, as well an arrangement of cubical marble chairs outside where guests can linger over a cup of % Arabica’s signature blend, Spanish latte or matcha latte.

Kiosk 6, G/F, 2253 0238

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM

Afternoon Tea TEAROOM Hong Kong

A beloved Japanese brand that brings over its ingredients directly from Japan is Afternoon Tea TEAROOM, open for nearly 30 years. Along with their famed Japanese hospitality, you can sit down for a cuppa, decadent sweets like strawberry scone shortcake and Mont-Blanc and pasta and French toast sarnie savouries for some feasting in the arvo.

Shop B112B, B1/F, 2671 0288


agnès b. CAFÉ & FLEURISTE Hong Kong

For a French coffee experience with a flower-shop backdrop, agnès b. is always a charming place for a hot drink. The coffee is a blend of Ethiopian beans designed for its complexity and sweetness, which results in a nutty cuppa with a mild cocoa finish and, aptly, floral notes. The café also prides itself on being socially responsible, with Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and organic certifications that guarantee a sustainable price for growers, sustainable cultivation methods and sustainable livelihoods.

Shop B122, B1/F, 2946 6070


Blooms Hong Kong

Founded by artist Moses Chan, Blooms aims to serve up a premium cuppa along with a full sensory experience. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but the gilded coffee bar also offers dishes like Hokkaido scallop with pickled cucumber on brioche and Sichuan spicy crabmeat on brioche, which sound pretty good to us.

Shop 221, 2/F, 2633 9383

The Coffee Academics

Known for sourcing premium-quality speciality beans and using state-of-the art equipment, The Coffee Academics grew from a single Hong Kong roastery lab in 2012 to branches across seven cities in the Asia-Pacific region, building what they deem “unique sensory playgrounds for coffee aficionados”. Further pushing the envelope , the K11 MUSEA branch has unveiled the world’s first single-origin nitro coffee bar.

Shop 327, 3/F, 3758 4120

CURATOR by Lex Art Café

CURATOR by Lex Art Café Hong Kong

If you like to combine art with your java, this is the one for you. This high-end coffee shop by Lex Coffee also offers affordable artwork for purchase along with its speciality coffee beans. They’re calling it an art-fé – not our favourite portmanteau, but it sounds like quite a peaceful way to shop for art. Drink in the colourful paintings along with your latte and you can decide whether to take one home with you.

Shop B113C, B1/F, 2117 1066

Dialogue by SP

Dialogue is a tea and dessert shop serving premium Oriental teas, herbal “well-being” teas and tea mocktails along with bao and cake.

Unit 19 and 20, Shop B201, B2/F, 3619 5869

Elephant Grounds

Elephant Grounds Hong Kong

Chic coffee roaster Elephant Grounds has expanded all over town these past few years. Known for its ice- cream sandwiches and quality beans sourced from small farm producers, EG makes a mean cup of joe. Visitors can enjoy the urban skyline at the al-fresco rooftop of the Bohemian Garden with Elephant Grounds.

Shop 705, 7/F, 3468 2669

George Coffee

George Coffee Hong Kong

Local shop George Coffee, with branches around town, owns one of the highest coffee-growing estates in the world, so we’re pretty keen to try some of that sky-high coffee. Located at 1,900 metres above sea level, Baruffee Estate is located in the Baru volcanic region of Panama, providing fertile soil and a gentle climate for producing excellent-quality coffee beans.

Shop B201, B2/F, 3108 9901


HEYTEA Lab Hong Kong

People have been going crazy over cheese tea since it recently spread around the globe like wildfire. But HEYTEA has been going strong since 2012, when it branded the original recipe for Cheezo Tea with a stroke of genius that fully capitalises on the Chinese tea-drinking culture by making it modern and ’grammable. This HEYTEA branch is the biggest in HK, with lots of seating bathed in plenty of natural light, and it also boasts a separate bar section called The Geek Lab where alcoholic tea-based drinks are whipped up.

Shop 327A and 327C, 3/F, 3621 0742

Hon Cha

Hon Cha was founded by a tea cultivator who has green tea running through the family veins. Producing green tea for over 700 years in Uji, Japan, Hon Cha honours the family heritage with every drink, made with premium tea powder and prepared with a traditional tea whisk and tea bowl for an authentic tea-drinking experience.

Unit 34, Shop B201, B2/F, 2558 7338

Infiniti C

Infiniti C Hong Kong

If you’ve got special dietary requirements for your coffee order, this is the one for you. Infiniti C is a gluten-free, keto-friendly and vegan-friendly speciality coffee shop. This is an extension of the brand’s original Kennedy Town location, and the K11 MUSEA branch is said to be designed with inspiration plucked from Audrey Hepburn.

Kiosk LA202, 2/F, 6880 1854

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Koffee Mameya & Omotesando Koffee (coming soon)

The soon-to-open Koffee Mameya is known for its knowledgable coffee sommeliers brewing up some of the rarest bespoke coffees sourced from around the world, while the sleek aesthetics of Japan’s espresso-based Omotesando Koffee attracts the chicest of coffee drinkers.

Shop B217 and B219, B2/F

One Plus One

This is pretty much a drink emporium, with over 100 varieties of, well, drinks on offer – coffee, tea, freshly squeezed juices, fresh fruit teas, soft drinks and wine, beer, cocktails and whisky too. Basically, if you can drink it, they will be serving it.

Food Playground, B2/F, 2116 0729

The Quayside Cafe

If a cha chaan teng is your favourite place to take your tea, The Quayside Cafe combines this traditional local Chinese tearoom with a contemporary twist for a modern taste of Hong Kong culture.

Food Playground, B2/F, 2116 0729



You guessed it – this one is tea made by robots. This innovative new local tea brand has AI-enabled robots that take your order. At ROBOTEA, you can choose from a variety of fruit teas (like pineapple syringa and champagne grape oolong), specifying your sweetness preference and if you’d like it hot or cold. If the tea-making robots don’t impress you on their own, here’s a little something you’ll not be expecting: every hour the robots do a little dance routine!

Unit 30, Shop B201, B2/F, 2356 8223


SIP·ART Hong Kong

A collaboration with local dessert boutique Sweet Fashion House, SIP·ART is a unique Leonardo da Vinci- themed teahouse that combines organic herbal teas, chocolate and eclectic artwork in one bold space.

Shop 109, 109A and 110, 1/F, 3899 7748

Are you feeling pretty jacked up on java with this list? How many of these have you tried? Brag about your coffee conquests here.

K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, TST, 3892 3890


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