Have you ever heard of an earth sandwich? Well, neither have we – until recently, that is.

Over in New Zealand and Spain, two men have each placed a slice of bread on a specifically plotted point on the ground that is the exact opposite of the other (assuming a line ran through the centre of the earth), creating what is apparently known as an “earth sandwich”.

Earth sandwichPhoto credit: Reddit

The “sandwich” is the brainchild of Etienne Naude, a computer science student from New Zealand who used an online longitude/latitude calculator tool (helpfully named “Tunnel to the Other Side of the Earth”) to determine his exact counterpoint. Naude then used Reddit to find and recruit Angel Sierra, a 34-year-old chef in southern Spain who lives near Naude’s planned antipode – the scientific name for points opposite each other on the earth’s surface. Both men then coordinated the placement of the same type of bread at the same time, thereby creating a 12,724-kilometre “sandwich” (if you measured the “tunnel” between the bread slices).

Surprisingly (for us, anyway), Naude’s earth sandwich is not the first. American performance artist Ze Frank reportedly created a similar installation using two slices of baguette back in 2006.

If you’re inspired to create your own version, be aware that only around 15 per cent of the planet’s territorial land is antipodal to other land. For most places, antipodal points often end up being in water – which might make creating a sandwich slightly trickier. We’ll be sticking with the kind of sandwiches we can actually eat, thank you.

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