Fine-casual restaurant Cultivate announced their closure today (Dec. 12), with a final service on New Year’s Eve after more than 30 months in operation on Elgin Street.

Following the announced closures of popular rooftop bar SEVVA and pizza spot Alvy’s, Cultivate joins a growing list of restaurants shuttering in 2023, a year when the F&B industry has been hit hard with rent increases, decreases in local dining spending, and a drop in fine-dining experiences.

Led by chef Leonard Cheung, Cultivate is hosting one final dinner and farewell on Dec. 31 “for a final unforgettable experience”. The restaurant has limited seats left for the remainder of December and only six seats left for the New Year’s Eve service, so book now!

Cultivate restaurant closing Dec. 31

Full text of announcement of Cultivate’s closure on Instagram

“It is with a heavy heart and humility that we must announce the upcoming closure of Cultivate. Our final night of service will be on New Year’s Eve at the end of this year, marking the end of an extraordinary chapter,” reads the announcement on Instagram.

“Throughout this remarkable three-year journey, we have found great pleasure in serving you our inventive and unconventional fare. This unexpected closure is not the narrative we have envisioned early on this year, when we embarked on continuing our successes in the past years by achieving further greatness.”

“Regrettably, the decline in local spending, in foreign tourists, and the overall demand for luxury have conspired against many upscale restaurants in Hong Kong this entire year. We understand we are not the only restaurant to suffer from the recession in 2023, and we truly wish our fine-dining peers for a better fate in 2024.”

“We are grateful for the time that our guests, suppliers, and employees have shared with us. We continue to yearn for more, unfortunately. Your unwavering support has made our tireless personal sacrifices worthwhile. Just as we hope Cultivate has enriched your lives, your presence and feedback have undoubtedly enriched ours.”

Cultivate, 27–29 Elgin Street, SoHo, Central, 5303 1230, book here

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