Ming Pavilion, a new concept inside Island Shangri-La, is celebrating the homestyle flavours and essence of Hokkien food culture in China’s Fujian province.

The new Admiralty restaurant is led by chef Jack Lam Yeng and tea master Tiffany Chan, envisioning a celebration of the province’s rich heritage and complex cooking traditions. 

Signature Hokkien dishes include the deep-fried prawn roll (HKD118/5pc), Xiamen-style popiah (HK288), and Fujian-style Buddha Jumps over the Wall (HKD498), a uniquely Hokkien dish joining abalone, scallop, and sea cucumber in a chicken-pork-duck stew.

Other notable mains include the three-yellow chicken with red wine lees sauce (HKD328), aromatic Xiamen ginger duck (HKD288), and chrysanthemum-shaped fish with sweet-and-sour sauce (HKD458), all elegant in presentation.

Tiffany Chan presents a unique tea programme at Ming Pavilion with 18 Chinese teas, of which 14 originate in Fujian province, matching the tones and flavours of the Hokkien plates served.

Ming Pavilion, 8/F, Island Shangri-La, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Admiralty, 2820 8580, book here

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