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Monsieur Chatte

3 Stars

121 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, 3105 8077, with outlets in Wan Chai and Elements Mall

Price: $20 for 3

Look: Appropriately scallop-shaped, browned and with the most homemade appearance of the lot.

Texture: This option was slightly oily on the exterior and quite dry on the inside.

Flavour: These didn’t have much flavour as we were hoping for and almost had an element of staleness to them.

Verdict: We will return to try these again as we suspect they may not have been made fresh on the day and need another chance. Plus, we liked the price.

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St. Michel at Fusion by Park ‘n’ Shop with outlets around Hong Kong

1 star

Price: $35.50 for a mass-produced bag of approximately 20

Look: As you might expect for a store-bought variety, these mini cakes were very uniform in shape and didn’t have the customary shell pattern that is standard in most madeleines.

Texture: Quite a dry bite at first that craves a swish of tea but then turns cakey and cloying upon a few chews. Perhaps better with a hot drink in hand.

Flavour: Very almondy with a processed taste and aroma.

Verdict: Pleasant enough if you needed to eat one to be polite at a tea party but we wouldn’t be reaching for another.

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Le Port Parfumé

5 Stars

Price: $80 for 3

Look: These are the madeleines that set off our desire to seek out more options of the delicious French tea-time favourite. They possessed a detailed shell shape and large back ridge and were well risen with a subtle sheen on top.

Texture: A delicate crust with an airy, fluffy interior that indicates perhaps a finer flour has been used in the batter. Incredibly soft inside sponge that melted on the tongue with a perfect tea cake consistency.

Flavour: Rich and buttery with an understated orange zest. None of our other competitors held a candle to these magic morsels. Strangely, despite trying Passions, Robuchon and a dozen other cake shops, these four were the only contenders we found as the darling madeleine proved a tricky treat to track down.

Verdict: If you’re in the mood for madeleines, only Le Port Parfumé’s will do.

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Eric Kayser

3 stars

Price: $40 for 4

Look: A very attractive little confection that was the biggest in size and featured a slick and shiny glaze over each cake front. Sporting a long and defined shell shape and served in a perspiry plastic bag.

Texture: With such an appreciable glaze we anticipated more of an outward crisp than we got. We found the sponge cake very dense and a mushy chew.

Flavour: Very buttery with a faint lemon taste and a hint of vanilla. The sweet glaze didn’t blend with the cake and felt quite separate rather than complementary to the overall flavour.

Verdict: We expected more from this renowned French baker.

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