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There are even more exciting vendors participating in the Kin Hong Seafood Festival this time. If you missed the part one list, please click here, and for the part two list click here

Do you know where your seafood comes from?  Where and how it is caught? Is it pollution free, or were there bad labour practices used to capture or cultivate those products? 

The aim of the Kin Hong Seafood Festival is to raise public awareness about eating sustainable seafood, asking questions about where people’s seafood comes from, and letting the community know that they can make a positive difference for our ocean by choosing dishes which are “healthy” for the environment. 

Partnering with over 30 restaurants, hotels and caterers around Hong Kong to push this new trend in food awareness forward, we invite you to dine in one of the establishments whose agreed to use only sustainable seafood for the month of November to raise awareness of the direness of our present ocean situation. The festival is based all throughout Hong Kong, in these venues that are working towards a cleaner, more populated and ethical sea. 

Some of Those Participating Include:


Gitone creates a modern zen-like atmosphere to bring out the inner calmness many forget they still possess. Reflecting a healthy, wholesome and positive aura, Gitone is unique in the sense that it originated as an art gallery, which then turned into a private kitchen for the owners to share their passion for pottery, as well as to act as a place for them to flaunt their talent in the art of Shanghainese cuisine. Gitone combines fine dining and art to provide a unique dining experience. It also serves as a gallery for Mr. Terence Lee’s wonderful collection of art and ceramics as well as a private, fine dining restaurant.

G/F, GB27-28, Lei King Wan, 45 Tai Hong Street, Soho East, Sai Wan Ho, 2527 3448

Available all of November

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“Scirocco”, meaning a warm wind that blows in over the seas, sets the scene for a relaxing ambience and caters to those that enjoy fine food and wine, lengthy lunches or even private soirees. Scirocco has dedicated dining areas, and lounge spaces that add to its overall relaxing atmosphere. That is why it’s an ideal place for high-powered business lunches or casual encounters. Serving Mediterranean cuisine, Scirocco has a wide selection of “tapas” (small snacks), “ ensaladas” (salads) and “buon appetito” (main courses).

1/F, 10-12 Staunton Street, Soho, 2973 6605

Available all of November

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Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding is the first gastro pub in the heart of the Soho district. Authentic British food at Yorkshire Pudding is a favourite to both Englishmen and Hong Kong locals. Yorkshire Pudding offers a wide range of drinks to accompany afternoons of watching sporting events with friends or evenings enjoying snacks and beer on tap. The gastro pub presents a full English menu, embracing classics from shepherd’s pie to the time-honoured fish and chips.

6-8 Staunton Street, Soho, 2536 9968

Available all of November

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Cafe Deco

With its outstanding specialties, friendly service, Art Deco themed décor and iconic location, Cafe Deco is one of the most popular dining destinations for both tourists and locals. Over the years, Cafe Deco has strived to be a responsible restaurant offering sustainable seafood and ocean-friendly choices to its patrons, reaffirming its guiding philosophy – to source the freshest ingredients, while keeping a healthy balance and above all respecting the earth’s produce.

Level 1 & 2, The Peak Galleria, 118 Peak Road, The Peak, 2849 5111

Available all of November

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Designing creative solutions to the improve the health of our ocean.

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